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phantoms of the past

for many years this was my only fancy skirt. i would wear it to my exams during university, out to formal social events and such. it was my go to item whenever i had to dress up. i know someone is probably smiling right now as she reads and sees this (you know who you are). i've had it since the end of high school and even though i barely wear it now  - the last time it saw the light of day was at wedding ceremony two years ago - i decided to give it one more chance to see the world. you see, i still love it, the fabric is so light and breezy, it's black and white, one of my favorite color combos, and it has polka dots, so it's deemed to be a favorite but to be honest it got so much wear during those years that i became bored with it. i'm sure you've all been through something similar with certain items. instead of the fanciness it was associated with in the past, i decided to do a different take on it. i wanted to make it more casual and a bit retro by wearing it as a dress and matching it with a dotted scarf. i guess if you always challenge yourself to come up with new ways to wear an item will never get bored with it.

 skirt as dress: bad axel * shoes: random * scarf, belt : thrifted


  1. Absolutely love it. You look gorgeous. Love the texture and pattern on the skirt. Would totally buy it myself! :)

  2. Oh my God! Fusta. Examenul. Emotiile. A fost perfect Miha, sa ii spui fustei asta. Te tuc, Patri