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panic on the streets of my town

i had no idea that getting dressed up this way would create such a fuss. you wouldn't believe the reactions i received walking down the street on my way to work or around town during my lunch break. people would give me the weirdest looks, as if i was walking with no clothes on. what is the deal people, haven't you seen a shirt dress before? i know i might be looking as if i am wearing my night gown but i don't really think i am showing too much skin, my bum isn't showing or anything, so what's the fuss all about. even at work i got some odd remarks, meant as a joke maybe, saying that surely i must be wearing some shorts underneath. whatever! i am actually wearing a very short slip underneath, just in case the wind decides to play some tricks on me, but that shouldn't be anyone's business. this is the first time i've worn this shirt dress like this, in the past i paired it with jeans or leggings, but this is actually the way you're supposed to wear it, especially on hot summer days like these. but i guess sometimes it's better to create a controversy than getting no reaction at all. arghhhhhhh, get a grip people!

shirt dress: h&m * shoes: bb up


  1. You look great! It totally looks appropriate, silly people

    xoxo Maria

  2. gorgeous outfit!
    lovely blog - your outfit posts are great :)