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a couple of days ago i snatched up another great dress from the thrift store. i was instantly attracted to the print, though i am not a big fan of red as a main color in an outfit. but the pattern reminded me in some way of the paintings of jean-michel basquiat. the color mix, the naive brush strokes seemed taken out of his paintings and graffiti works. i know it's not exactly a literal interpretation but you get the idea. going back to the dress, it was too pretty to pass up, but it was a couple of sizes too big for me. that's often a problem you face when thrift shopping. sometimes you get your hands on some pretty awesome pieces but they are not in your size. in order to overcome this issue i decided to take a few centimeters off the hemline, which was originally over the knee - a length i do not necessarily find flattering on me. from the material i cut off i made belt and now it fits a lot better cinched in the waist. i always look for potential in the items i find in thrift shop, not necessarily for a perfect fit. i just wish i had better sowing skills when altering my thrift finds.

dress: thrifted * shoes: random


  1. Looks great! I admit I get lazy and pass up great finds because I don't want to deal with reconstruction, but you've inspired me to get my act together ;)

    xoxo Maria

  2. Cute dress! Love the pattern! I agree about that length being no good! Well, on me as well I suppose. You did a good job altering it! I tend to just leave items alone that don't fit. Not because I can't alter, but because I am lazy!

  3. WOW- that print really is amazing. And I totally get the Basquiat vibe- wonderful comparison!

    And your resourcefulness in altering this dress is truly brilliant. Awesome, awesome, awesome.