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Never thought you'd go break the chain

I couldn't wait any longer to show you my new necklace from Vulpilandia. It was an instant crush, me being obsessed with the color purple and all. I paired it up with pretty pastels and went a  bit over the top with a mix of bold stripes and perforated skirt.

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My god is the Sun

Enjoy your weekend!
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You know I gave it all

I shuffle around the tectonic plates in my chest.
You know I gave it all,
Try to match our continents
To change seasonal shift,
To form a mutual core.

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When it comes to bags, men, and cities, is it really what's outside that counts?

having recently watched Sex and the City for the zilionth time made me suddenly swoon over tutu skirts and strappy sandals. I spotted this tulle wonder over at nowistyle and I had to have it. shoes have never been my fetish but now I could just buy the entire Zara collection, which of course I will not do because it would ruin me. unlike the legendary Carry Bradshaw, I will not spend my rent on a pair of shoes. one thing I noticed while rewatching the show is how relevant the outfits still are, which only proves once more the genius of the stylist Patricia Field.

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nothing ever changes in me

if you've been hanging around here for a while now, you must have realized that it's no use to get too attached to my hair color. after I let things settle for a bit, bam! it's time for a change, again. this time i went for a more subtle effect because I intend to keep my golden locks at least till the end of this summer. I've still got plenty of hair products that I've been using to maintain my colors throughout all these experiments, and I'm thinking of mixing the purple color cream with the copper from when I was a redhead for some highlights next time. bottom line is, in this equation the only constant is change.

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Enghlish summer rain seems to last for ages

the weather had set out to ruin my photoshoot but I decided to make the best of the situation. rain is not really my favorite natural phenomenon, but summer rains are not that unbearable. I took refuge under my starry sky umbrella and carefully avoided stepping on the wet grass. of course the rain stopped 5 minutes after we finished shooting. nature's irony, gotta love it!

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Shower the world with pink if you please

I never cared much for the color pink in garments but I do love it in nature. one of the things I was most excited about during my vacation last year in Sardinia was watching the water go pink with teeming flocks of flamingos. it was literally the last place on earth I was expecting to see them. I always thought of flamingos as a distant, exotic mirage only to be seen on some lake in Africa. needless to say I almost leaped with joy when I saw this top at H&M and instantly knew it needed to be mine.

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