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DIY studded shirt

as promissed, here's a quick tutorial on how to embelish a garment using studs.
for this you will need:
  • a shirt/ sweater
  • studs
  • a pair of pliars
I recommend using a knit sweater, especially if you are going to use studs with claw backings, because it's easier to punch the studs in, and you can always take them off and move them around if you're not happy with the initial placement. plus, you won't damage the shirt because you'll be fitting the studs into the knit holes.

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found the peace i've been searching for

here comes the studs overload. i guess i've always been a fan of studs, they are obviously associated with the music genres i prefer. they have been making a fashion statement for a long time adorning bags, shoes and clothing, but since a couple of years ago we saw a massive resurgence. you've already been introduced to my studded clutch, which doubles as a shoulder bag, and i recently picked up these boots at a no name store in town. they are so comfy i swear i am not taking them off anytime soon. the studded shirt is actually a recent DIY project of mine (i'll prepare a short tutorial for tomorrow, in case you're interested). i used an old thrifted knit shirt, and the studs came from my old boots (they made one of their last appearance here).
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there is a light that never goes out

i was in Budapest this weekend to meet up with a dear friend of mine i haven't seen in seven years, since my summer working in LA. we have been in touch, of course, but still there was a lot of catching up to do. for the past five or six years i have been to Budapest at least twice a year, at the Sziget festival or visiting my other American friends who live there, and i always have such a wonderful time. the city is teeming witch cool restaurants, cafes and bars and of course lots of cool people to be inspired by. i wore this for our walk around the city. hope i made a good impression with the cool kids. i'm really into leather lately so this skirt was an obvious choice and i picked up the leather bow ring earlier that day at a local thrift store. i waited for this trip to showcase my recently thrifted blue poppy print shirt, which i think is pretty amazing.
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bluer than velvet was the night

for some reason today i woke up in a fancy mood. i took the time to get all dolled up, but of course i was late for work because of this. i honestly don't know what got into me, it's monday after all and we have a saying around here that goes something like 'even grass doesn't grow on mondays'. i must be coming down with something. i do suspect my suspiciously good mood might be related to my little shopping spree this weekend. having no patience at all i wore both my new peter pan collar necklace and the studded clutch to work today. i picked up the lipstick on the way home and now my look seems complete.
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every cloud is grey with dreams of yesterday

the saying "there's no place like home" has never been more true for me. i only get to go home 4, 5 times a year and i've learned to appreciate the time spent there. i fell like a kid again in my parents' presence, i get pampered, or how i like to call it - the royal treatment, because i don't have to move a muscle, and most of all i get that feeling of coziness and well being. it's always nice to be surrounded by so many familiar faces and places. last weekend was no exception, i slept like a baby till mid day, ate insane amounts of goodies, hung out with dear friends and had a blast. sunday afternoon, after coffee in my favorite bar, i noticed the view and decided i couldn't pass the opportunity to take some pictures with the symbol of my home town - the citadel - in the backdrop.
 t-shirt: berhska * cardigan: thifted * shorts: H&M * sandals: Jeffrey Campbell

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we were light and paper-thin

well, after much debate and procrastination i decided to jump the religious symbolism wagon. i don't really know who started all this, but i have a feeling it was the Versace 2012 fall line. i remember seeing loads of  cross prints and crucifixes in their show. and now the internet has exploded with crosses and stained glass religious prints on anything from tights,  leggings, skirt and dresses. i've actually had this shirt in my closet for probably seven years but i wear it so rarely, because i tend to stay away from such statements. i used to wonder what possessed me (pun intended) to get it in the first place. now i know i had to wait 7 years (talk about magic numbers) for it to finally make sense.

 shirt, skirt: thrifted * sandals: Jeffre Campbell * bracelets: topshop, my mom's * ring: bershka
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when the curtain falls it's time to leave the stage

yesterday i met up with the lovely gals Laura and Claudia and spent a wonderful afternoon together. we took pictures, pretended we lived in new york and hailed cabs, strutted down the city center as if we were the cast of sex and the city, laughed and chit-chatted a lot. we dissected the fashion industry, put blogs and fashion bloggers under the microscope, enlisted our most coveted fall items, and talked about making these kind of outings a regular thing. it was so refreshing to be in the presence of people who truly understand and share my passion for fashion. imagine living in a foreign country and stumbling upon someone who speaks your language, that's how i felt. i got dressed up in pastels and even wore a little bit of make-up for the occasion. i only wish i had accessorized more, especially after seeing the gorgeous accessories these girls were sporting.

 top: H&M * skirt: thrifted * pumps: Filty * bag: Benvenuti
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