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wednesday on a friday

I'm not a big halloween fan, but when someone at work suggested we should put on costumes on friday, I said why not. I knew for sure I wanted to incorporate my black and white stripes tights into the costume, so the first characters that came to my mind were beetlejuice, wednesday addams or a mime. I went with wednesday because I couldn't resist her, the dark outfit, the mean look (which I couldn't quite keep straight), and her cute braided tails.

dress: hot topic; shirt: h&m; tights: ? (don't remember)
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weardrobe feature

oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. i've been featured on weardrobe. com. I am soooooooooooo excited

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sakura's birthday

my tattoo is 1 year old today, so happy birthday , sakura!
I've been fascinated with japanese culture for a long time, so getting a japanese tattoo seemed the perfect thing to do. I want to send a big thanks to the wonderful tattoo artist  tavi, who did my tattoo.
in both japanese and chinese cultures the cherry blossom (sakura) is full of symbolic meaning and significance. in japan, cherry blossoms are a metaphor for life. a brief, brilliant blooming, followed by the inevitable fall. for the chinese the cherry blossom is a very significant symbol of power. typically it represents feminine beauty and sexuality and often holds an idea of power or feminine dominance. within the language of herbs the cherry blossom is often the symbol of love.
so here it is, the way it looks now:


and how it was done, one year ago:

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button up for autumn

today was one of those days when I felt really uninspired. I couldn't decide what to wear. I looked at my closet and I said to myself: I have nothing to wear. it actually happens quite often, as I get easily bored with the things I own. luckily my eyes fell on this emerald green (which my camera didn't quite capture) blouse with a low front cut. because it's such a bold color, for me anyway, I had to keep the other items toned down and simple. I paired the blouse with a black top and plaid pants, and my favorite autumn jacket. and I'm off to work.

pants: no name: top: zara; blouse: h&m; jacket: adidas
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would grandma wear this?

I got this dress as a present a couple of years ago and I've always loved to play with the way I style it up. the print reminds me of the dresses my grandma used to have in her closet, so I always try to make it more fun, and less grandmotherly. it's a perfect dress for autumn because of the colors and I love the way it looks with white tights; they remind me of my childhood. the purple converse go great with the childish theme, and I added the purple cardigan just because you can never have too much purple on you :)

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I love it when I can wear my summer dresses in the cold seasons too. I just add a pair of tights and a cardigan or a jacket and that's it. today I needed something to get me from day to night, so I chose an electric blue dress. I wore it to work with a jacket and platform shoes, and an overcoat of course. for the party tonight I'm gonna loose the jacket and put on some comfortable shoes, cause I'll be dancing like crazy.

dress: mango; jacket: thrifted
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autumn wonderland

I took advantage of the beautiful weather today and dressed up a bit. as you can see I didn't go too far from the black and white theme I've been obsessed with lately, but added a touch of color to the outfit just to make it more fun. I felt inspired by Alice in Wonderland, maybe because my desktop at work is a picture from Tim Burton's upcoming movie.

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in the cold light of morning

took some pictures in the mirror this morning. you can tell I had a hard time waking up by the circles round my eyes. been digging a lot the black and white theme lately. I just love how simple and effortless it looks. it doesn't get boring at all. Karl Lagerfeld is doing it all the time, and it looks fabulous. to tell the truth I had Karl in my mind when I put together this outfit. the ruffled shirt and the black and white pants are so him.

pants: no name; shirt: orsay: cardigan: h&m
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girlie army

the only good thing about the cold weather outside is the fact that I get to wear my new military jacket. it was a birthday present and I've been dying to wear it since august. I absolutely love the buttons on it. today I chose to wear it with a knee length dress, which has a nice shirt collar, purple tights, belt and boots. the boots have studs on the side, so they go great together with the jacket.

jacket: h&m; dress: thrifted; belt: thrifted
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drum & bass weekend

I've been waiting for weeks for the music event of the year, TMBase festival. and finally this weekend, the time has come. time to party big time. with a history of 13 years, this festival gathers hundreds of people from all over the country, in huge deserted industrial halls for 3 days of electronic music. my outfits for the 2 nights I attended were comfortable and warm (as it's quite cold inside), but still party appropriate. there isn't really what you might call a dress code for this kind of event, people usually go for jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. you need to be very comfortable to dance all night, and in the end it's all about the music, not the clothes you wear. I did see some really cool outfits including  tutus, fedora hats, leather jackets and cool shoes, and some fierce hairstyles. ahhhh, I had a blast.

1. dress: thrifted; shirt: h&m, thrifted; jeans: levi's; belt: thrifted
2. top: h&m; shirt: banana republic, thrifted; pants: thrifted, altered

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eyes eyes hypnotize

in keeping with my black & white color pattern this week (not on purpose, just the way I feel lately), I put on another very simple and casual look. added a bit of color with the purple belt, and I am ready to go. the central piece of the outfit would have to be the top. it has a funny print with creatures staring at you from behind leaves. look at them for a while and you'll be hypnotized. look into my eyes, look into my eyes... they say.

pants: flo&jo; top: H&M; cardigan: etam (gift from a friend); belt: thrifted
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tattoo shirt

I am a big fan of tattoos. I actually have one and I am pretty sure I will end up with a bunch of them in a couple of years. I really love long sleeve tattoos, and I hope one day I will be bold enough to get one done. but till then... today I decided to wear black, again, but gave my outfit a twist by putting on what I call my tattoo shirt. it really looks like a tattoo from a distance. it's awesome.

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back to black

ok, so the storm broke my umbrella this morning but it didn't break my spirit. not even the crappy weather outside could stop me from wearing my new platform shoes. they are definitely something I wouldn't normally buy, because I don't wear high heels, but they were so cute I couldn't resist. I love the color, which is dark grey, even though you cannot tell from my pictures, doh! I've been doing a lot of dark outfits lately, because of the bad weather. I've always loved the black and white combo so I decided to go for it again today with my little black dress, black trench coat  and white tights. and on my way home I bought a new umbrella :)

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the closet issue

the issue with my closet was that I didn't have one :)
the idea of having everything displayed on shelves and hangers on the wall seemed great at first. it was like living in a store, or in a wardrobe.  I loved having all my clothes where I could see them from anywhere in the room. I could create outfits in my mind just lying in bed. but soon I realized I was going through some trouble trying to keep my clothes away from direct sunlight, and then there was the dust too. after a couple of years, my boyfriend and I decided to buy a closet, just like everybody else (how clichĂ©!). but for sure our next apartment/house will have a walk in closet. so, after putting all my summer clothes away, I managed to squeeze everything in. take a look at the before and after pictures:

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DYI. project denim

I had this old pair of jeans that I was quite attached to, but they just didn't fit me that well anymore. I really loved the waist line and the details on the left side. I couldn't just throw them away, so I decided to turn them into a skirt. below are the steps I followed.

what I did first was to undo the seam on the inside of the legs.
then I cut the fabric at knee length and sew the front parts together.
then I sew the back and added some of the cut out material in the middle.
I did the hem and... voilĂ 
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