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coincidence makes sense only with you

i was on the verge of  looking a bit too secretary had it not been for this shirt. it's bjork with a red nose, how cute is this? i got the shirt at sziget festival this summer, and it was some sort of wishful thinking on my part. she's one of my favorites artists that i have yet to see in a live concert. the list also includes morrissey, franz ferdinand, ladytron and arctic monkeys among others. i hadn't done a black and white outfit in quite a while now, and i really loved playing with some patterns in this one. i mixed in some polka dots and zebra print flats and in order to stick to the musical theme i added my guitar earrings. i am still amazed at how beautiful the weather still is, i can't quite believe it's still warm enough to be bare legged. but on the other side, the days are turning shorter and the light in the evening is not as warm and delicate. but i'll get by, there are so many wonderful things to look forward this fall.

top: madness * cardigan, skirt: thifted * flats: eram
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lips like sugar, sugar kisses

i've never really been any good with makeup. the truth is i've never been quite interested in it. i mean i like it in magazines and on other people, but i haven't quite mastered even the basic techniques of putting makeup on. when i do try, i end up wearing way too much.  i rarely wear any daytime makeup, sometimes i would put some mascara on, but that's about it. not sure what exactly got into me, but i will be attending another wedding the next weekend and for some reason i decided to go all fancy about it and bought myself a red lipstick to wear for the occasion. i'm gonna try wearing it for a couple of days so i can get used to it. and i must say, it doesn't look half bad. i guess there are some advantages to having a pale complexion. i'm going in for a cut and color next week so i'm hoping it will look even better with my foxy red hair. as for today, i am wearing a thrifted pleated skirt, striped shirt and got all crazy with a bunch of green accessories: ring, earrings, belt and bag. enjoy the rest of your weekend my darlings!

top: zara * skirt, belt, bag: thrifted * sandals: random
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fall into you, is all i seem to do

see what i did there? this means i am ready to fall for fall, ready for layers, ready for rich colors, ready to try out something new. one thing i decided to do starting this season is concentrating my purchases on a few key items and edit my wardrobe. i will not buy a bunch of stuff just because they are on sales, i mean there are only so many basic pieces you can own, but instead i will focus on what i already have and try and mix and match. when h&m finally opened here i could barely restrain myself. luckily most of the small sizes were already gone by the time i got there and so i wasn't tempted to buy as many things. this skirt immediately caught my eye and i figured this will be one of my fall staples. the color is gorgeous, the length is perfect and it can work with wedges, flats or boots, the shape is very flattering and the cut of the bottom gives it a nice bounce as you walk. i just adore clothes that have this kind of movement to them, they seem to come alive when you are strolling down the street.

 top: stradivarius * skirt: h&m * belt: thrifted * cardigan: etam * shoes: bb up * clutch: meli melo
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i hear thunder but there's no rain

i think we're in for a big storm tonight. i hope it goes down with the full artillery cause this ground here needs to cool down. the wind's been blowing like crazy and you can almost smell the rain in the air. which makes me think i might be ready to give summer up and get ready for fall. i must say i kinda miss wearing tights, layers, earth tones and scarves. i even started layering early but only due to practical reasons. i couldn't find a skirt to match with this top, which by the way has a pretty little dragonflies print (how perfect!), and so i decided to wear it over a dress. i went there for a little mixed prints action and so i opted for a striped dress. i kept trying this morning to pair it with pants but i decided i am not ready to go back to wearing pants any time soon. with such a cute print i'm sure you'll be seeing me wearing this shirt all the time. and i'll let you know on a little secret: i have been considering for a while now getting a dragonfly tattoo, but shhhh, don't tell anyone yet.  

dress: amisu * shirt, sandals: zara * bag: vintage
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the power & the glory

let's take a break from all this talk about fashion and say some words on a subject that goes hand in hand with it - music. i realize that i haven't shared too much personal information about myself on this blog, and this is something i am trying to work on and reveal myself a bit to my readers. music has always been a huge part of my life and right now i am mostly listening to indie rock and brit pop. for those who know me it's no secret that placebo is my absolute favorite band and will always be. one of my favorite bands of the moment is white lies. i first saw them 2 years ago at sziget festival when they were promoting their debut album "to lose my life" and i saw them again this year. they recently released a video for their single "the power & the glory" taken from their second album "ritual" and it was fully shot at sziget festival. i wasn't able to spot myself in the video but i was there in the crowd and there's quite a satisfaction to knowing i was a part of it. hope you enjoy it.

dress: topshop * sandals, bag: zara
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you're a million miles away, so come closer

the thought that summer is slowly drawing to an end is starting to sink in and i am desperately trying to take advantage of these beautiful days we've got left. i am starting to browse the wardrobe for pieces that haven't gotten much wear this summer, or summer pieces that i haven't worn at all. take this one for example, it has been hanging in my closet for so long simply because it wasn't until recently that i managed to get a slip made so i can wear it. it may not look like it, but this dress is super sheer, and i didn't really have a slip to wear underneath it. i wasn't satisfied with the offer in stores so i had a couple made at the tailor's, since i also needed a red one for the dress i wore at the wedding. for some reason i consider slips to be one of the most feminine garments a woman can wear and it's a shame that for a long time they have fallen out of fashion.

dress: vintage * wedges: bb up * shades, clutch: meli melo
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you got the love

this weekend my guy and i flew to brussels to attend our friends' wedding. the weather was super nice, quite atypical for late summer in belgium, and perfect for an outdoors wedding. the reception was held at a pavilion in a beautiful park in the city. we sneaked out from the party for a couple of minutes to take some pictures when it was just past sunset and the light was so pretty. i was really glad i found the perfect occasion to wear this vintage dress for the first time. i bought it with a gift certificate i received from mode republic this spring for becoming a cover model. i remember i was super excited for it to arrive in the mail. things don't usually get to hang out in my closet too long after i buy them, but i knew i had to save this one for something really special. i wore this with vintage earrings, a pearl necklace my mom gave me, nude pumps and a straw clutch, which i forgot to take with me for the shoot.

dress: vintage * shoes: bb up
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we missed you, hissed the lovecats

i've never really followed any sunglasses fashion trends but ever since the cat eye came back into fashion i was kinda drawn to it. of course, lazy as i am, i didn't bother to search online for a pair, and since i didn't see anything in the shops here, i almost forgot that i was even craving for them. it's funny how in my neck of the woods they only appeared now, with the end of season sales. where were they the whole summer? anyway, i was super excited to find them at a super cheap price and in purple!!! if i ever need prescription glasses, i'm keeping these frames for them. or maybe i'll go for tortoise shell, i like that too. hopefully the day i'll be wearing glasses is still well ahead. today i am wearing a little black dress with interesting volume shapes in the sleeves and hips and a set of rings my sister gave me for my birthday. aren't the little fox and rabbit the most adorable things ever?

dress: tally weijl * flats: stradivarius * sunnies: meli melo
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just call me the roller

i definitely don't wear this top often enough. maybe it's because i always get a bit sentimental when i wear it. this is my most treasured memory of the summer i spent working in LA about 6 years ago. jeez i can't believe it's been so long! for those of you who joined later, the story of this shirt and also of the name of this blog goes like this: together with my two bartending buddies we used to play this game of coming up with awesome punk band names. we decided upon skinny buddha and kept it for own imaginary punk band. once we settled on a name we started to come up with how the band would look like. i would be the lead singer and i would enter the stage floating on air. i would settle down in the front and start singing while a pair of arms would grow from behind me and start playing the guitar. another pair of arms would grow and they would play the drums and so on. sometimes we were so punk we didn't play any concerts. then, as my last days there approached i decided to make these tees for the band members so we would have something to hold us together while i was away. it's been almost 6 years since and i still dream about the day our band will be reunited. soon enough our dear fans, soon enough.

top: custom made * skirt: h&m * sandals: random * clutch: vintage
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