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the power & the glory

let's take a break from all this talk about fashion and say some words on a subject that goes hand in hand with it - music. i realize that i haven't shared too much personal information about myself on this blog, and this is something i am trying to work on and reveal myself a bit to my readers. music has always been a huge part of my life and right now i am mostly listening to indie rock and brit pop. for those who know me it's no secret that placebo is my absolute favorite band and will always be. one of my favorite bands of the moment is white lies. i first saw them 2 years ago at sziget festival when they were promoting their debut album "to lose my life" and i saw them again this year. they recently released a video for their single "the power & the glory" taken from their second album "ritual" and it was fully shot at sziget festival. i wasn't able to spot myself in the video but i was there in the crowd and there's quite a satisfaction to knowing i was a part of it. hope you enjoy it.

dress: topshop * sandals, bag: zara


  1. Heyy i am in love with blog, love ! :) following you, check out me?


  2. your bag is sooo beautiful !!!! it is from the new zara collection? or it is an old one? i'm looking for a bag right now and this one sooo suits my tastes :D

    looking good as always!

  3. @Diana: i got the bag at Zara in Barcelona this summer and it was on sales, so it was from the spring/summer 2011 collection. they also had them in nude and electric blue