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just call me the roller

i definitely don't wear this top often enough. maybe it's because i always get a bit sentimental when i wear it. this is my most treasured memory of the summer i spent working in LA about 6 years ago. jeez i can't believe it's been so long! for those of you who joined later, the story of this shirt and also of the name of this blog goes like this: together with my two bartending buddies we used to play this game of coming up with awesome punk band names. we decided upon skinny buddha and kept it for own imaginary punk band. once we settled on a name we started to come up with how the band would look like. i would be the lead singer and i would enter the stage floating on air. i would settle down in the front and start singing while a pair of arms would grow from behind me and start playing the guitar. another pair of arms would grow and they would play the drums and so on. sometimes we were so punk we didn't play any concerts. then, as my last days there approached i decided to make these tees for the band members so we would have something to hold us together while i was away. it's been almost 6 years since and i still dream about the day our band will be reunited. soon enough our dear fans, soon enough.

top: custom made * skirt: h&m * sandals: random * clutch: vintage


  1. such a cute story! and it's great that you used the name of the "band" for the blog :)

  2. haha :x ce drăguţ e maieuaşul <3