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no dawn, no day, i'm always in this twilight

my post title is not to be confused with a twilight movie reference, it's merely a florence and the machine quote. as you may have noticed, most of my post titles are lyrics or song titles or sometimes random quotes that relate to the content of the post. they are not very obvious sometimes, and maybe they only make sense in my head, but disclosing the logic behind choosing one quote or another would just spoil the fun. but this time i decided to explain the train of thought that brought me to this quote. the first thread would be that fact that these pictures were taken at sunset, as the sun was making his final appearance while hiding from time to time behind some clouds. we literally had to walk around, circling this church in search of the final rays of light. coming home, songs came popping into my head and as i was humming some tune i realized that miss florence herself might wear something like my vintage dress here. if only for our choice of hair color i do think we might bear some resemblance, n'est ce pas?

dress: vintage *  belt: thrifted * yank top: mango *  sandals: random
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they will see us waving from such great heights

here i am again, up on the rooftop of my building. the door seems to be open quite a lot lately and there is no nosy neighbour in sight. i could get used to this, it's so much easier to mount up a couple flights of stairs rather than walking around aimlessly around the neighbourhood trying to find a good spot for pictures. but anyway, moving on, can you believe someone was going to throw this bag away? like they say, one man's garbage is another man's treasure. luckily the bag was saved by one of the girls at work who thought this was something i would like. and i did, i love it! i immediately thought it would go really well with my patchwork dress. i've had this dress for a couple of years now and it was created by a local designer. i think this is quite a pretty pairing. you might have also noticed my nails are painted red. summer is when i break up the reign of black and purple nail polish, just because i embrace colors more easily when the weather is hot.

dress: mihaela cretescu * shoes: bb up * bag: thrifted
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sheer delight

i must say, i am really getting the hang of using more red in my daily outfits. just a few accents here and there is the way i played it today. red socks, red earrings, red nail polish. well, i had to do something to distract you from the sheerness of my top. it may not look that sheer in this light but trust me, it's pretty sheer. luckily the top has this funny little sort of rag flower thingy which also diverts the eye. i thought i could take it off, but no, it's sewn to the top. nothing much, just a relaxed tuesday outfit. in other news, i just got my new kindle today. i am super excited about it!!! and i got a super cute orange cover for it. i am quite an avid reader and i cannot wait for this little gizmo to keep me company, especially since i'll be travelling a lot this summer. have a lovely week everyone!

 top: zara * pants: stradivarius * socks: h&m * shoes: bb up
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i'm coming up on infra-red

yikes! it's totally strange to see myself wearing so much red. i don't do well with red usually, i feel it's too strong and overwhelming. last time i probably wore so much red must have been at the age of 3 or 4. mom used to love dressing me and my sister in red. anyway, this skirt is what started this whole madness. i initially had my eyes set on a gorgeous beige accordion pleat skirt at zara, but couldn't find it in our store. i couldn't find it in belgium either, it was all sold out in this color and i was actually debating whether i should spend 50 euros on a skirt. that seemed kinda expensive. and then i found this one at h&m for only 15 euros. i am addicted to h&m by the way, and because we still don't have one yet in our neck of the woods, i take every chance i get when i travel abroad to buy something there. didn't have a clue this morning what to wear with this skirt, but luckily i remembered i had just received this top as a gift, and it was a perfect match. everyone at work kept complementing me on my dress, not realizing these were separates. and then, to top it all off i threw in my heart shaped sunnies.

top: zara * skirt: h&m * cardigan: prmod * shoes: bb up * bag: benvenuti
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a tale of three cities

hello everyone! i just had the craziest week of my entire life. but crazy good! i don't have any outfit post prepared, there was no time for such things during the trip, but i am gonna flood you with pictures. the first half of the week included a business trip to antwerpen, belgium. things got crazy from the very beginning: a missed flight on monday, a night spent in munich, lost luggage and living in the same clothes for three whole days. as the week progressed, things became more calm and time was spent enjoying long walks, eating delicious food and drinking fruit flavored beer. then came the crazy fun part, and no more work to do. friday morning i took the train out to brussels where i stayed with some friends, revisited the city center, did some shopping and enjoyed some more beer in the pub. saturday was my favorite. i took the train again, this time to amsterdam. this city has an amazing vibe. it wasn't until i left the busy city center with all the coffee shops and the red light district and headed towards the jordaan, the most beautiful of all amsterdam's districts, that i completely fell in love with this city. if only i could stay there a bit longer.

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doesn't mean i'm blue for you

i realize now i must make an effort to smile more in my photos. i've been thinking a lot lately about how i come across in pictures and sadly it turns out the pictures don't always reflect who i am in real life. i must seem to you most of the times a bit too serious, sad, tired or even upset. which is rarely the case. i am truly a very happy and positive person but i guess it's still hard for me to put on a smile whenever i take a picture. and i've been doing this for almost a year and a half now. i still feel awkward about it even when i am taking the pictures by myself, as it was the case today. there i was, up on my building's rooftop, all by myself, looking at my camera set on the tripod, the sun in my eyes and all i could think of was: isn't this silly? what if someone sees me? i do manage to put on a happy face whenever my boyfriend takes my pictures because i smile at him and not necessarily to the camera. so, anyway, i may be dressed in blue  but i'm not feeling blue at all today. actually i am feeling pretty excited about next week. but i'll have to tell you about that some other time. ciao!

dress: mango * sandals: random
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