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i need a change of skin

well, my darlings, i decided skinny buddha needed a change of skin. enter my talented and insanely creative friend iluvcolor, and this is what he does: he polishes things up, creates a beautiful background and a sharp simple header. not to speak of the textures he created, i can almost touch them. enjoy!
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the color scheme deviation

i tried my best to put together the most colorful outfit i could handle. usually, too much color tends to scare me. given all the colors in the skirt, i was trying to keep things in a similar color palette. i figured green would be great as a top as it plays off well with the colors in the skirt and it also complements my hair. i am really keen on bringing green back into my daily outfits. i mentioned before that my relationship with different colors is kinda strange, something i like right now might fall into disgrace a couple months from now. this skirt must be the most remixed item in my wardrobe right now, i have worn it in so many combos. actually it sounds like a good idea for a future post to showcase all the different ways i've worn it so far. the yellow tights added a bit of playfulness as this is a bit more lady like than what i usually opt for. but i do love the retro vibe of this whole ensemble.

sweater, belt: thrifted * skirt: vintage * tights: fiore * boots: amanda
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safety pins holding up the things that make you mine

it looks like it has become a habit to take outfit pictures in our favorite park during the weekend. i must say the park looks entirely different now than it looked 2 weeks ago, when it was all covered in snow. had it been warmer outside you would have though spring was on it's way. far be it from me to play the forest fairy, even though the scenery surely offered the perfect setting. i wanted to play a bit with fabrics and pairing together things that you wouldn't normally think of as complementary. i started with a lace top and worked my way around it. i knew i wanted to pair this delicate fabric with something more rough and so i went for a customized denim skirt. i've had this thing since college, it was a hand-me-down from one of my roommates and it's very dear to me. it looks so punk with all the safety pins and paper clips that are holding it together. now that i think about it i could have gone for some distressed tights, instead of the black and white houndstooth printed ones. on the other hand, i do like the way they look grey from a distance and blend in with the boots. anyway, i'm really happy with how it all came together, it was the perfect weekend look. not sure if i can pull this off at work, but i might just try it one of these days.

 shirt: thrifted * skirt: hand-me-down * tights: meli melo * boots: random
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crashing the same scene

this is just a little something i wore sometimes around the holidays but never got a chance to post. this was definitely the shortest photo shoot i ever did for the blog, it probably took about 5 minutes and i shot 2 sets of pictures for separate entries. it was freezing cold outside, i was constantly shivering and i am amazed my whole face didn't instantly turn red. the crazy things i would do to show you guys some diversity, otherwise you would be flooded with pictures featuring my winter coats. i am wearing  a very worn out black dress topped with my ruffled striped cardi, a pop of red tights and comfy, warm grey boots. have a great weekend everyone!

dress: thrifted * cardigan: h&m * tights, boots: random
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the deathbed of a day, how beautiful!

there's something quite magical about sunsets. us city dwellers take them for granted much too often, being all wrapped up in our daily lives. it's only when we travel or spend time outdoors that we remember to watch this fantastic show the sky is putting on for us. i sometimes get a quick glance from my apartment window at the beautiful color displays of the sunset. i love it when sun lights up the horizon in red and orange, and when it sometimes turns purple i feel like screaming for joy.
though i didn't quite catch a spectacular sunrise when i took these pictures, it was close to sunset and i still loved the soft light surrounding me. the sky might not have displayed my favorite shades of purple but i sure was. i was wearing a dark blue/purple dress and matching purple tights and cardigan. i really love the cut of this cardi, it feels a bit retro and thought it might look even better if i added a vintage brooch i "stole" from my mom. if only i could spend all evenings outside, enjoying the warm light of sunset. right now i am enjoying them from my office window, hoping this winter won't go on forever.

dress: h&m * cardigan: thrifted * tights, boots: random
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buddha as a child

yesterday was a wonderful day and i couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a stroll and a couple of pictures along the way. when a friend (the talented artist behind i luv color and my photographer for the day) suggested we take some shots over at the child buddha graffiti wall i was super excited. it's my favorite graffiti in the entire city and some of you may remember i showed it to you last spring here. i am always enthusiastic about finding great backgrounds for my shoots, and i am surprised i didn't think about this one before. doesn't buddha ring a bell? i was already dressed up when we decided to go there, and it turned out my dark blue outfit matched the background and complemented the yellow in buddha's face. i was also wearing my new heart printed tights, again a perfect match as there are so many wonderful buddha teachings about love. i know it might not seem as the best idea to have such a powerful image as your background because it might steal the spotlight from you, but i do feel like i managed to create a connection. everything came beautifully together in the end.

cardigan: okay * dress: pimkie * tights: charme * belt: thrifted * boots: random
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i had nine lives but i lost all of them

i haven't got a chance so far to properly introduce my new camel coat. i don't usually take pictures of my outerwear but i am so in love with this coat i felt it deserved a post of it's own. i was telling you guys a few weeks ago that i was on the lookout for the perfect cape. meanwhile i got distracted and for practical reasons  (this winter turned out way harsher than i expected) i decided to turn my attention towards camel coats. i wasn't expecting to find one to my liking too soon but this was truly a serendipitous find. i was actually shopping for a party dress when i stumbled upon this beauty. needless to say i forgot all about the dress and walked out immediately with the coat, sporting a huge smile on my face and a fuzzy feeling inside. it was just what i needed: great color, flattering shape - it almost looks like a trench coat, and perfect length for wearing skirts and dresses underneath. it does at first strike you as an unusual color choice for a winter coat, but i guess everyone is bored to death by now by the mass of dark colors people usually prefer wearing during this season.

coat: topshop * bag: benvenuti * boots: random
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i rely on the process, the mind, the frame

sunday afternoon we ventured outside the house for the first time this year. the city was pretty quiet and everything was covered in frosty white. we decided to take a stroll in our favorite park and take some pictures. every time we go there it's as if we escaped the city and entered a magic land. i never thought it would look so beautiful covered in snow, as we don't usually get too much snow during winter, and if it does snow it only lasts for a couple of days. although my feet were starting to freeze  at some point i loved the way the snow was creaking under my feet and everything was so bright and silent. my first intention was to build my outfit around this knitted sweater and pair it with a skirt but i'm glad i used my better judgement on that, otherwise i would have frozen my ass off. we had to go straight to a cafe and have some hot chocolate after we took the pictures, to warm ourselves up. i am really happy with the way these pants looked tucked in the boots, almost like horse riding pants. i added the belt as an element of surprise, it does look kinda quirky with the roll neck sweater. when the weather warms up a bit i will surely try to wear this with a woolen skirt.

 coat: topshop * sweater, belt: thrifted * pants: stradivarius * boots: afrodita * beanie: handmade
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everything is illuminated

happy 2011 everyone! i usually don't make a big deal of new year's and this year was no exception. we have very low key celebrations among friends, very chilled and relaxed, no fuss about it.  but for some reason i have this feeling that 2011 is going to be pretty amazing. i feel all charged up with loads of energy and i feel this is the year to make it all happen. no more waiting around for things to happen, we have to make them happen. it's time to take matters into our own hands and make the best of each experience.
but now let's get back to business. as i was away for a few days visiting my parents for christmas, i didn't have much time to update. so now it's the time to catch up on some of the outfits that didn't make it into 2010's posts. this is what i wore for christmas dinner. i felt like doing something festive but not the cliché red and green and so i came up with something fun and playful in black, white and golden. i even put on some makeup (not pictured here) in olive green shades which turned to be a little bit too much for the place we went to. i was actually way more dressed up than anyone in the restaurant (which was just a small austrian tavern more likely), but once i set my mind to get all dressed up there's no stopping me. this is a dress i thrifted last year and never imagined it would get much wear because it's not necessarily me. i guess i learned a lot last year about styling things up and making them my own. the over the knee socks were at first just a styling choice to draw attention away from the shortness of the dress, but they also provided great protection against the chilling wind. it was freezing cold when i took the pictures, my face was slowly turning red, but will will hear a lot more about that in my future posts. i complain a lot about the cold, so brace yourselves.

cardigan: h&m * dress, belt: thrifted * tights: calzedonia * socks: stradivarius * boots: afrodita 
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