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Snow patrol

Here it is at last, the first snow of the season. Kinda late if you ask me, but I never liked snow in the city anyway, so I'd better not complain. I much prefer it in the mountains. The first snow is also one of the reasons why I neglected the blog for a while. I spent the weekend snowboarding and partying in a mountain resort, so it took me a couple of days to get back to my routine. Coming back to the city meant having to deal with the snow on the streets, which almost instantaneously turned into mush. Not a pretty sight, I assure you. But nothing a quick stroll in the park can't fix. The snow sits really well here and I return to happier thoughts.

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Change your tune and change your hair

teased hair stripes sunset print

If you think my hair looks a bit crazy and barely kept under control, you are absolutely right. I had a photo shoot this weekend and I loved my teased hair so much I decided to hang on to it a bit longer. I discovered that you can pretty much give it any shape you want once it's teased it so I styled it in a toned down version of what had been going on for the shoot, but still wanted to keep the volume. The purple in the back gives it a more interesting twist. As far as the outfit goes, I liked the idea of having the striped shirt peek out from under the cocoon coat and mixed with the sunset print skirt.

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City of angels

los angeles shirt, leather pants, houndstooth coat

The weather has been atypically nice these days, which made me think of (or rather imagine) what winter in L.A. would be like. I bought this t-shirt for my boyfriend because it reminds me of the time I spent in the city of angels. I have to admit I had decided from the get go to borrow it from time to time. Talk about selfless good deeds... not. I keep sending out little signals out in the universe that this is in fact the city I belong to but so far nothing, no response. Hey there universe, take a hint won't you?

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Well you cured my January blues

stripes red bow

Well you cured my January blues, yeah you made it all alright
I got a feeling I might’ve lit the very fuse that you were trying not to light
You were a stranger in my phonebook I was acting like I knew
Cause I had nothing to lose
When the winter’s in full swing and your dreams just aren’t coming true
Ain’t it funny what you’ll do?

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The power and the glory

gray dress

I was very close to naming this post 50 shades of Grey or something related to this, but refrained because it's become such a cliche. I was expecting a day full of sunshine to contrast my slightly dark look (and mood) and was confronted with gloomy skies, fog and gray pavements instead. I was blending in, which was not my intention at all. I was really apprehensive regarding this dress when I first pulled it out from the parcel Nowistyle sent me. It looked huge and had zero hanger appeal. But the instant I put it on I fell in love with it. It's the perfect combination of shape, volume and design that I have been drawn to lately. I wanted to break the gray/black mix but at the same time complement it so I opted for two toned ankle boots. This whole ensemble gave me a real feeling of empowerment. I look like I mean business, don't I?

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When the zeros line up on the 24 hour clock

burgundy, leather, gold

This year I decided to swerve past the mandatory new year's resolutions and spring right into action. First order of business was to move Skinny Buddha to a brand new home. From now on you can find me at my new domain You can still use the old link, which will redirect to here, or you can update your reading list with this new link. I've got plenty other ideas and updates lined up, but all in due time. I am starting my first post of the year with some of my staple items: the faux leather pants and a mix of my favorite colors burgundy, black and gold. I wish you all a wonderful and fashion filled 2014!

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