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the color purple

it's been quite a while since i last bought something purple. to those who know me personally it's a very known fact that i am absolutely obsessed with the color purple. anything purple! my friends are so accustomed to this they always think of me first when they see something purple. so imagine how thrilled i was when i stumbled upon this gorgeous shade of purple at zara, and on sale on top of it all. i had to have it. i am not very keen on the elastic band cause it tends to drop on the sides, but i do love the crochet details in the neckline and front. it wasn't really my intention to go for color blocking, it's just that i've been carrying this bag with me non stop lately. i didn't thought it would, but it really goes with everything. i thought i would stop here color wise and wear my nude wedges to maintain the focus on the upper body. it's now more than ever that i am really glad i decided to change my hair color to orange because i would have looked ridiculous with purple hair and matching clothes.

dress, bag: zara * wedges: bb up
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moving at a snail's pace

hopefully things are starting to settle in for me, as i've been having quite a hectic schedule lately. i celebrated my 28th birthday this friday. after work, together with my guy and a couple of friends we took off and headed towards a mountain village where we spent the most wonderful and relaxing weekend this year so far. time was spent mostly by the lake reading, swimming, drinking lemonade and pretty much relaxing every bone in our bodies. it's getting harder and harder every day to get up and go to work, going through the motions in this unbearable heat. but i shouldn't complain, at least i still have time to wear my summer dresses. this little number is comfy, breezy, floral and great for twirling. and i paired it with bright blue sandals and snail earrings. the snails are called viskovitz, named after the main character in one of my favorite books: "you're an animal, viskovitz". i highly recommend it, it's hilarious!

 dress: thrifted * sandals: zara * brooch: vintage
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festival wear, part 2

so here's another outfit i wore during the festival. a cute floral romper i thrifted recently, worn over a purple tank top, semi turban and heart shaped sunnies. the guy in the superman t-shirt in the last picture is totally stealing the spotlight.

romper: thrifted * top: bershka * sunnies, bag: from the festival, a couple years ago
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festival wear part 1

hey guys, i am back from sziget festival! it was absolutely awesome, as always. it was so much fun but also pretty exhausting. i feel i need another vacation to recover from my vacation. as per usual, we stayed there the entire week and we were camping. sleeping in a tent gets harder by the year, i must be getting too old for this. but all the concerts were amazing so that sure made up for it. ok, so this was day zero, so there weren't that many people on the island yet. i love how there's a bit of fog behind me. look closely and you will see somebody hanged banana peels on the tree, that's funny. so, on day zero we only had one big concert at the main stage but it was freaking PRINCE. how awesome is that? of course i later changed into purple pants for the show :)

shirt, shorts: thrifted * tank top: stradivarius * shoes: all stars * hat: meli melo
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it looks like you summer well

finally we had some good weather this weekend and i couldn't wait to ride my bike again. these are my new favorite bike shorts for sure. after all the misadventures i had wearing skirts and dresses while riding the bike, especially on windy days, i decided to be more practical about it and wear shorts. and what i love most about these ones in particular, apart from the cute polka dots and the pockets is the fact you can't even tell they are shorts, they look just like a skirt. i went crazy with the polka dots this time - the shirt has polka dotted straps and buttons and i am also wearing a polka dot head scarf. tomorrow is time to pack our bags as we'll be leaving for sziget festival on monday. this will be our 5th year in a row going to the festival, and i am pretty exited about the lineup this year. have a great weekend, everyone!

shorts: zara * top, sandals, bag: random 
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baby, did you forget to take your meds?

well here it is, another one of the dresses i recently thrifted. i am pretty sure this one will remain my absolute summer favorite, at least for this summer. i love its cream color and pretty little flowers. i just bought the hat today with the intent of wearing it during my vacation next week, but i just couldn't help putting it on for the shoot. i must say it's the perfect accessory for this dress. i had to refrain from showcasing again my orange red bag, otherwise you guys would grow sick of it, but i did wear it to work today. i think i am again running a fever, as we speak, so that's my excuse for my slightly red eyes. gotta hurry and get back to bed, gotta get some more rest. have a lovely week, everyone!

dress, belt: thrifted * shoes: bb up * hat: meli melo
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