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festival wear part 1

hey guys, i am back from sziget festival! it was absolutely awesome, as always. it was so much fun but also pretty exhausting. i feel i need another vacation to recover from my vacation. as per usual, we stayed there the entire week and we were camping. sleeping in a tent gets harder by the year, i must be getting too old for this. but all the concerts were amazing so that sure made up for it. ok, so this was day zero, so there weren't that many people on the island yet. i love how there's a bit of fog behind me. look closely and you will see somebody hanged banana peels on the tree, that's funny. so, on day zero we only had one big concert at the main stage but it was freaking PRINCE. how awesome is that? of course i later changed into purple pants for the show :)

shirt, shorts: thrifted * tank top: stradivarius * shoes: all stars * hat: meli melo


  1. wow how cool you went to Sziget!! we were in Budapest for 5 days too and went to the festival from the 11th-14th.
    Damn, if only we knew, we could have made for a small gathering there:D

    Can't wait to see the rest of the pics:).
    Ours are coming soon too:P


  2. Sorry to appear like such a creeper. I commented on this look on chictopia, and just has to check out your blog. You have such a great fashion sense! I'm never brave enought to wear skirts that are even at my knees, and you work ankle length ones like no body else! Your clothes are all so beautiful and unique. In your newest follower via bloglovin'! Anyway if you have time I would love it if you checked out my fashion blog. I'd you like it and decide to follow back that would be great, but ONLY if you like it. I'm trying to build a following of people who genuinely care about what I write, not just those who pity me. Anyway, sorry to ramble. Hope to her from you soon!



  3. i love that top! nothings better than a kangaroo print! :D