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hey there everybody. hope you all spent a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the big New Year's party. I came home and spent Christmas with my family, relaxing, eating and sleeping a lot. been recovering from a nasty nasty cold, hence the lack of pictures lately. looking forward to spending New Year's with some friends at a lodge in a small quiet mountain village. it's all gonna be about relaxing, drinking wine and chatting with good old friends. I'm not very good at this wishing part, so I'm just gonna wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year. see you next year with a fresh load of energy and plenty of things to share.

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party girl

friday night I went to the company Christmas party. I didn't have too many expectations because it's not my kind of party, but in the end I had quite a lot of fun. maybe it was due to the fact that a lot of tequila was involved :P.
last year me and my gals decided to make it a theme party, so we dressed in suits, and wore ties and hats. this year we decided to do a modern twist on the 20s so we wore little black dresses, statement tights and headpieces. I also put some make-up on, which I rarely do because I'm not very good at it. I normally end up with a big dark mess around my eyes, and my lipstick/lip gloss only stays on for a couple of minutes. but I think this time I did a pretty good job; went for some brown eyeshadow instead of the black or dark purple I usually use. all in all, everyone at the party (well maybe not everybody, just my girls) looked fabulous, and we partied till 5 in the morning.

dress; h&m; tights: meli melo; shoes: dgm; headpiece: meli melo
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à la the white stripes

red is not one of my favorite colors but I like using in once in a while to make an outfit pop. I especially like using it with black and white, they just go so great together. but how would you feel about an entire wardrobe built only on black, white and red pieces? Jack and Meg from The White Stripes have done it, and their outfits are always über cool. having a 3 color wardrobe is not so crazy after all. I mean, if I take a close look at my closet right now, most of my clothes are black and purple. a splash of color is always welcomed but I usually like to stick to the colors that I love best. now, for the dress I am wearing, it has all the attributes to be one of my favorite winter wear. first of all it's black and white (one of my favorite color combos); second, it's knitted, hence warm and cozy; third, it was a gift from my sweet and generous friend Gianina; and fourth it's perfect for the holidays.

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polka dots fill my eyes and I don't know why

polka dots always remind me of the libertines song "what katie did".  they look so young and fun and always make me sing. even though they are really in right now they kinda have a retro feel to them, they make me think of pin-up girls. in fact, that's kinda what I was going for with this look. well, a toned down pin-up girl of some sorts, anyhow. pulled my hair back, I perfectly aligned my bangs, put on some purple mascara and then chose the clothes. this is one of my favorite tops ever, mainly because it's purple but also because it has purple polka dots on the straps and on the buttons. the skirt may not be pin-upy enough because of the length but I love it just the same.

cardigan:h&m; top: ? don't remember; skirt: h&m, thrifted
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grinch legs

I decided to do a little remix of my own. I really love the the clothes horse's remixes, she's got quite the imagination. I wanted to style my black fitted dress in a different way. I first wore it like this when I went to the drum and bass festival, so for the remix I decided to wear it underneath a simple top, with green tights and belt. it wasn’t until I took the photos that I realized my green tights are actually quite grinch looking. or maybe it’s just the lighting. anyway, I was going for an earthy, natural look, that would combine complementary colors. oh, and I am wearing my lovely button earrings. they are actually made from old wooden buttons.

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weather inappropriate

the days are getting so small and dark and cold now that I am less and less enthusiastic about leaving the house. as much as I love layers, putting on a stack of clothes on just to keep you warm and dry just doesn't leave too much room to having fun with dressing up.  so today I got home from work and decided to play a bit with some things that are not very weather appropriate but that are fun and comfortable. pulled out my denim shorts from under the bed (that's where I keep my summer clothes cuz there's no room for them in the closet right now) and started from that. I wanted to play a bit with volumes so I chose a big black top that has a huge neck, which can be worn several ways. decided to put on some tights just because bare legs didn't seem like a good choice. all in all I had fun with my little project and I think I'm gonna do it again pretty soon.

top: diesel, thrifted; shorts: abercrombie&fitch, thrifted; tights: charme
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morning drama

don't you just hate it when an outfit looks so great in your head, but when you actually put it together it doesn't make any sense? I got so frustrated this morning when it happened. it's bad enough it's monday morning and I have to drag myself to work after a weekend of parties and concerts, so the last thing I need is to put together something else. I ended up keeping only the white tights from the original outfit, put on a black skirt, a polka dotted (plus anchors) shirt and a black blazer. it turned out way fancier than I anticipated, and I wasn't extremely happy with the result just because I rarely dress up for work, but at least it's very work appropriate. oh well, it's just one of those days when things don't go exactly the way you want them to.

blazer: thrifted; shirt: h&m; skirt: no name; boots: afrodita
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shop my mom's closet

it's funny how so many things in my mom's closet are really fashionable right now. I mean, I know fashion follows a circular trend, things come back into fashion every 20-30 years, but it's still amazing how some of the things I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing some years ago are so in right now. luckily my mom kept most of her clothes so there were plenty of things to choose from. she has lots and lots of knitwear, from scarves and shawls to dresses, vests and blouses to berets and then lace tops, blazers and vintage belts. after taking her gorgeous white shawl the previous time I went home, this time I took a funky orange beret that will surely spice up my outfits this winter. here's the fist one:

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dream of McQueen

there are a few things in the fashion world that enter your brain and refuse to ever go away. I've had Alexander McQueen's fall 2009 collection tattooed on my brain from the very first moment I saw it. it comes back to me in flashes, in a repetitive, almost obsessive manner. just like the prints he used, which seemed to go on forever. what I tried today was to pay tribute to this amazing artist by putting on an outfit that would be similar to the ones he sent down the runway. a bit toned down though. the starting point were the tights, which I just bought a couple of days ago. I am soooo in love with them. the white and golden dress  has the same print as the tights, so it was a perfect match.

cardigan: h&m; dress: thrifted; belt: thrifted; tights: meli melo

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