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Feeric Fashion Days #Day5

Anca Stanila Feeric Fashion Days

The fifth day at Feeric Fashion Days was by far the most spectacular one. We first drove off to the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig for the Anca Stanila show. Her collection entitled Ocean Blue featured gorgeous gowns that made me think of mermaids and beautiful water creatures.

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Supermassive black hole

H&M fringe top thrifted pleated skirt Adina Mircea dragonfly necklace

My second day at Feeric Fashion Days in Sibiu started off with gloomy skies and the promise of heavy rains. Fortunately the rain held back and the sun shined and kept us fairly warm during the fashion shows. My first outfit was an all black number, accessorized with golden details and playfulness in what regards the shapes and textures. The wind gently blew my pleated skirt in all directions and the fringes on my top quickly followed suit. The dragonfly necklace was the central piece and I got lots of compliments on it. I forgot to mention, in case you didn't notice, that my hair color got a quick makeover before I left for Sibiu. I added another shade of purple with an ombre effect and I feel like a mermaid. Needless to say I absolutely adore the effect. 

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Feeric Fashion days #Day4

Filip Roth Feeric Fasion Days

We started off the fourth day of Feeric Fashion Days at an amazingly beautiful and unique location, the Boromir Mill. Polish designer Filip Roth showcased a dark and minimalist collection featuring both womenswear and menswear, that I immensely enjoyed . We got the chance to visit the mill after the show and I particularly enjoyed the smell of hot flour, as strange as that might sound.

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Back to the roots

ie romanian blouse H&M boyfriend jeans feeric fashion days

My first outfit for the Feeric Fashion Days was a casual and relaxed one. I was feeling just a tiny bit tired from driving to Sibiu so I opted for flats, boyfriends jeans and a traditional Romanian blouse called ie (made famous by Yves Saint Laurent in his 1981 La Blouse Roumaine collection, a homage to Henri Matisse). The hat would also serve a practical purpose in case it started to rain. I must say I had no idea my outfit would turn out to be so inspired, as the first show I attended was held in a farmer's market. The models walked against a backdrop of crates filled with vegetable and fruits, and handed out peaches and apricots in the audience. They really came in handy as a healthy snack after the final show in the evening.

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Feeric Fashion days #Day3

Feeric Fashion Days Maria Simion

Feeric Fashion Days has reached it's 7th edition this year and I am super excited to be a part of this beautiful event. I arrived in Sibiu, a city I fell in love with last year, on Thursday afternoon, on the 3rd day of the festival. I got settled in, quickly changed my outfit and ran off to see the shows. First stop was at the Cibin Market where Maria Simion showcased her collection "Wonder Lolita". Lots of candy floss colors, ruffles and a romantic mood best describe the feeling of this collection. For more official photos please check out the event's Facebook page here.

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I would kill for sunshine

BAD style skull shirt thrifted nude skirt Mango red and gold sandals

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Blue is the warmest color

H&M blue shirt dress nude Asos flats

This is for sure my favorite summer weekend look. A loose (shirt) dress that you just trow on, some colorful accessories and flats. It has to be as effortless and natural looking as possible. Well, maybe not that effortless considering I had to iron the shirt first, an activity I do not enjoy at all. And of course the dress got all wrinkled up as soon as I sat in the car. I specifically mentioned in the beginning that this is a weekend look, because I do not dare (anymore) to wear this to work. I did it a couple of years ago and got stated at a lot. People could simply not grasp the idea that this is a dress and you're not bound to wear short/leggings/pants underneath especially in this heat. 

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Fashion Fridays Summer Fair

Fashion Fridays Md Burnette green silk dress Essenza gold shoes

I am happy to be finally ready to share with you some amazing shots from my photo shoot at the Fashion Fridays Summer Fair I attended a couple of weeks ago. Those of you following me on Instagram or Facebook might have already seen a sneak peek. The fair was flawlessly organized by the amazing Iulia and I had so much fun hanging out with the designers. I am wearing a gorgeous silk dress designed by M.d. Burnette with beautiful pleating and gold details. I am still swooning over it.

Dress: M.d. Burnette
Sandals: Essenza 
Make up: Denisa Puicanu
Photography: Andrei Cacuci

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Scattered Polaroids and sprinkled words around your collar

patchwork skirt floral bag

This outfit makes me think of a librarian somehow. Don't try to follow the train of thought, I am having some trouble myself finding out how I arrived to this conclusion. It might be the patchwork skirt (which is in fact a halter dress I tucked in) or the vintage floral embroidery bag. Or it might just be this song I have been listening on repeat today. Maybe it's a mix, who cares? It's quite different from what I have been wearing lately, and it's a welcome surprise to still discover old pieces in my wardrobe that have been forgotten.

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Love me when the chips are down

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I thought I found the connector

H&M fringe top thrifted houndstooth skirt Stradivarius cut out boots

Well, here's another failed attempt at curling my hair. I just cannot get it right with those darn curlers, but I know where I went wrong this time... so next time it will be perfect. I think I said that last time too. In fact, my hair looked a lot better the next couple of days, so maybe that's the secret, just leave it be and the hair will settle into some loose curls that look quite effortless and natural. At least I have lipstick that matches my purple tresses, right? I kept everything else in black and white just to get a break from color. I need that from time to time, as long as the weather allows it. Pretty soon the temperatures will skyrocket and black during the day will be a no go.

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