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change of weather is the discourse of fools

i can practically see myself living in this sweater all season. i picked it up this summer during my vacation in budapest and i couldn't wait for the temperatures to drop so i could wear it. and i have been wearing it quite a lot lately, i love it to pieces. this is what i wore on sunday so this is my take on the perfect weekend outfit. of course there was also a jacket involved, but it was removed for picture taking purposes. the hat was added to give a more dramatic effect to this rather simple ensemble, but it also looked pretty good with the jacket (you'll have to take my word for it). i am quite sad that we have gone from summer to winter in a single day and there are so many transition items i didn't get a chance to wear, but maybe things will change for the better. on the bright side, today i bought a pair of boots that i am pretty excited about. so that's one thing that's good about being so cold out, i get to wear my pretty new boots. and with this we end up the weather report. goodnight!

 sweater, shoes: h&m * jeans: vero moda * hat, necklace; random
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this isn't everything you are

hey there, it's been a while. i wasn't planing on taking a hiatus, it just happened. i just didn't feel like blogging for a while. it certainly has something to do with the sudden drop in temperatures and the fact that it's almost dark by the time i get home from work and so there's no time for picture taking. but it mostly is a bout taking a break. i've been doing this for 2 years now and i do it purely out of passion and for the fun of it. it's not like i have deadlines to meet and people to please, i do this whenever i can and whenever i want. on this gorgeous sunny day, though chilling to the bone, i am wearing a colorful vintage skirt i absolutely adore, red tights, denim jacket and brown ankle boots. tights are the main thing i look forward to when fall comes, they immediately spice up an outfit.

jacket: gap * skirt: vintage * tights: random * boots: amanda
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high flying birds we are

each time we walk around the neighborhood trying to find a spot to take pictures i wonder what it would be like to live in one of those houses. i've lived in an apartment almost all my life, and as much as i like it, i would love someday to live in a house. i would love to have a back yard where i could grow cherry trees and have a pond filled with fish and water lilies, a hammock for taking naps and reading and a dog or a cat, or maybe both running around in the yard. i have my eyes already on some of the houses around us and this one is one of my favorites, mostly because it has orange bricks and it's full of flowers and trees.and i bet they have a wonderful yard back there. i'd fit right it, don't you think? anyway, if i was the one living in this house i would find it a bit creepy to have people taking pictures in front of my house. which is way we were very quick in taking these, we don't want to upset the neighbors. i am wearing a ruffled dress with lace tights and a bird print cardigan. it wasn't my intention to get dressed in h&m almost from head to toe, but it happens sometimes.

dress, tights, shoes: h&m * cardigan: bershka
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pucker up for heaven's sake

at some point i am sure i'll get accustomed to wearing red lipstick, but until then it still freaks me out a bit when i look in the mirror. when my boyfriend saw the pictures i took the day i got the lipstick (he wasn't home that day to take my pictures) said i looked like a clown. i'm sure he didn't mean it in a (very) bad way, as he is always very supportive and encouraging when i experiment with things, but i can get his point. i thought that maybe if i wore something red today it would make it look better, or at least not out of place, and so i played a bit with red and white. i really love the petter pan collar on this shirt, it's so feminine and playful. don't really know what it is, but i have been truly embracing the color red lately. i think my mom would be really happy to see me wear so much color, she used to give me a really hard time about wearing so much black in high school and the first couple of years in college. oh, how much i've grown . yeah right :P

shirt: thifted * skirt: h&m * tights: calzedonia * shoes: dgm * clutch: vintage
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come as you are

my hair is one thing i was never afraid to experiment with. not all my experiments throughout the years have been successful, but i somehow managed to make it work. as e leo i am super proud of my mane as you can imagine. i've had all sorts of hairstyles and i've been dying my hair since the 10th grade, so my hair has been through a lot. one thing i discovered, that maybe comes with age, is i am not prone to experiment as much, maybe because i now know what suits me well and what doesn't. but i still feel the need for change from time to time. i can't remember the last time i felt this good about a haircut, i feel liberated, i feel younger, i feel like a new person, i feel like 5 years have been shaved off my face. and surely this new haircut will allow me to experiment more with my daily outfits. because it was sunday and we were going to spend half a day outdoors i went for a very relaxed look that consisted of a floral dress and a pair of beaten up old converse. for some reason i find this a bit on the grunge side, which i haven't done before, and i am quite pleased with how it looks. and it's perfect timing i guess, as nirvana's album "nevermind" just turned 20 a couple weeks ago.

 dress: thrifted * shoes: converse
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vampire weekend

i mostly slept during the days this weekend because the nights were spent drinking wine, spending time with friends, dancing and laughing our hearts out until the wee hours. when i wasn't sleeping during the day, i indulged in pleasant activities such as: going to the salon to get some color and a brand new cut (yeap, i chopped it off again!!!), relaxing in the sun, reading, watching my boyfriend paragliding and hanging out with our friend and his dog ciba - isn't she a pretty girl? outfit post will follow tomorrow.

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