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hey there, it's been a while. i wasn't planing on taking a hiatus, it just happened. i just didn't feel like blogging for a while. it certainly has something to do with the sudden drop in temperatures and the fact that it's almost dark by the time i get home from work and so there's no time for picture taking. but it mostly is a bout taking a break. i've been doing this for 2 years now and i do it purely out of passion and for the fun of it. it's not like i have deadlines to meet and people to please, i do this whenever i can and whenever i want. on this gorgeous sunny day, though chilling to the bone, i am wearing a colorful vintage skirt i absolutely adore, red tights, denim jacket and brown ankle boots. tights are the main thing i look forward to when fall comes, they immediately spice up an outfit.

jacket: gap * skirt: vintage * tights: random * boots: amanda

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