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vampire weekend

i mostly slept during the days this weekend because the nights were spent drinking wine, spending time with friends, dancing and laughing our hearts out until the wee hours. when i wasn't sleeping during the day, i indulged in pleasant activities such as: going to the salon to get some color and a brand new cut (yeap, i chopped it off again!!!), relaxing in the sun, reading, watching my boyfriend paragliding and hanging out with our friend and his dog ciba - isn't she a pretty girl? outfit post will follow tomorrow.


  1. love your hairdo! so rockin' cool.

  2. oh, nice blog. i couldn't resist to follow... ;)

  3. So, I was googling pictures about Buddha and randomly saw one of your face shots from this blog and thought "Hey! Rooney Mara kept the bangs and did some cute photos. I should look at the spread." But after clicking the link I noticed it wasn't Rooney, but some one even more a attractive. haha, I guess this is the long way of me saying You look amazing and the style and diversity is awesome. So keep up the good work and have a great day. You just gained an admirer.