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coincidence makes sense only with you

i was on the verge of  looking a bit too secretary had it not been for this shirt. it's bjork with a red nose, how cute is this? i got the shirt at sziget festival this summer, and it was some sort of wishful thinking on my part. she's one of my favorites artists that i have yet to see in a live concert. the list also includes morrissey, franz ferdinand, ladytron and arctic monkeys among others. i hadn't done a black and white outfit in quite a while now, and i really loved playing with some patterns in this one. i mixed in some polka dots and zebra print flats and in order to stick to the musical theme i added my guitar earrings. i am still amazed at how beautiful the weather still is, i can't quite believe it's still warm enough to be bare legged. but on the other side, the days are turning shorter and the light in the evening is not as warm and delicate. but i'll get by, there are so many wonderful things to look forward this fall.

top: madness * cardigan, skirt: thifted * flats: eram

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