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konichiwa. trees are for hugging

last night the guy and i went on a walk in the botanical garden and then out to dinner. i love it when the sun goes to set and the temperatures drop a bit and i can wear my all black outfits, which aren't very practical during the day. i thifted this cool wrap maxi skirt some years ago and i feel like a samurai every time i wear it. it would be the perfect attire for one of our archery sessions. i wish i knew what the kanji on it say, will have to find that out somehow someday. once arrived at the park we lay on the grass and filled our lungs with fresh air, talking nonsense and enjoying the beginning of our weekend. i've hard quite a rough week at work, and another one coming up, but then after that it's finally time for vacation. can't wait! so go ahead guys, enjoy your weekend. i've got yet another wedding to attend this weekend, seems like everybody's getting married this year. pictures will follow probably tomorrow.

 top: h&m * skirt: thrifted * shoes: random
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wouldn't it be peachy if your face could fake a smile

i was a little bit on the fence about buying this dress, but now i'm glad i did. i was instantly drawn to the color but in the back of my mind a voice was telling me something was wrong. the color was dangerously close to pink, and let me tell you i hate pink, but i managed to convince myself it was rather peachy than pink. don't you find? anyway, it's the perfect thing to throw on when you're in a hurry and you have a hot day ahead. pull up the hair in a messy bun and you're done. very simple and effortless. one other thing i loved about it were the matching sequins on the top. sequins are another thing i wouldn't normally go for because i don't really like sparkling things but luckily these ones weren't. the draping is also really nice and subtle, and even though the shape around the hips isn't the most flattering on a body, i quite like the play on proportions. i do have to say, even though this dress was bought before i changed my hair color i'm glad i waited till now to wear it because i don't think i would have pulled it off with darker hair.

dress: tally weijl * shoes, slip : random
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dragonfly wall

here's a fun little project i've been working on for the last couple of days. it's not really fashion related but i call it dressing up the walls. i decided to bring some more color to my dull walls and was inspired by the wonderful projects over at color me katie. i really love dragonflies and hope to get a tattoo of one pretty soon, but until then i decided to cover a piece of my bedside wall in dragonflies. what you need for such a project is a couple of old magazines, some templates that you can either make yourself or buy at a hobby shop, a pair of scissors, a pen, glue and a lot of  patience. it turned out really well and they go great with my japanese poster.

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a forest bird never wants a cage

the boyfriend and i decided to run away from the hot city for the weekend and retreat to a cooler location. little did we know that heavy rain was on our way and it sure did chill the atmosphere. just before the rain came i managed to take a quick swim in a lake, and it was divine. just what i needed to relax and loosen up. sunday morning we decided to take the dogs out on a walk in the forest nearby. the forest was humid and foggy, it seemed out of a fairytale. i ended up with my feet soaking wet and my clothes full of mud because the dogs were in a very playful mood and kept jumping on us. it sure was fun though. so now i'm gonna leave you guys and go enjoy what's left of the weekend. hope you had a great one too. peace!

 cardigan: missy glam * top: h&m, thrifted * jeans; vero moda * shoes: converse
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the lion's mane

being a leo i am very proud of my hair and very particular of my hairstyle choices. i've been planning a change for quite some time now and it's a miracle i was able to hold it a secret. i used to change my hairstyle quite often until a couple of years ago, changing colors and hair lengths and at some point i decided i wanted to grow it long and have bangs again. and so i did. now that my plan was brought to an end i decided it was time for another change. i knew i wanted to change my color and after much consideration this is what i came up with. i wanted to debut my new hair do in a dramatic way and so i put together this funky ensemble. i love the dramatic shape of the sleeves and waist as well as the collar of the dress. wearing black on hot summer days it surely torture but i thought it was well worth the sacrifice for obtaining the desired effect. the heart shaped glasses are always bound to draw attention. i got them last summer at a festival because they reminded me of marilyn manson's video for 'heart-shaped glasses". damn, it should have been me in that video, i would have totally rocked it!

dress: tally weijl * glasses: from a festival * shoes: random
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i wish i was a nancy boy

that's what my t-shirt says, in case you're wondering. i had this shirt printed years ago when i went to my first placebo concert. it's possible that i haven't stressed this enough, but placebo is my favorite band. and nancy boy is one of my favorite songs. i actually took the shirt off and held in above my head while they played nancy boy during that concert. but anyway, i digress. yeah, I know you saw these same pants yesterday, but i told you they are my favorite weekend attire, and they were the perfect thing to wear on the 7 hour train ride back home. on top i chose a striped top and my placebo inspired t-shirt cause layers are always welcome when riding the train for so long. isn't this clock in front of the train station nice? on another note, i have been wearing my hair up ever since the heat wave hit us and i've been having major problems trying to keep my bangs out of the way. something needs to be done with this hair and soon enough it shall be done :)

t-shirt: thirfted, altered, printed * top, pants: bershka * shoes: random
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night's black mantle covers all alike

it was so hot this weekend that i truly believed i would burst into flames. there was no way i would resist in the heat taking outfit shots, so i waited patiently until dark, though it was just as hot out. i really don't like using flash when taking my pictures but in this case it was really necessary. my sister, who was my photographer for the weekend, tried out different settings but the pictures didn't turn out as great without flash. the light was definitely more beautiful without it, like in the last picture, but you could barely see the clothes. the harem pants, or the mc hammer pants as i like to call them, are really light and breezy and i thought they would protect me from mosquito bites, but they didn't. it seemed that no piece of fabric was gonna stand in the way of the mutant  mosquitoes we had there. the pants are the most comfortable thing in the world and they get a lot of wear during weekends. the top is equally light and soft on the skin and i love wearing tube tops during summer. i bought both pieces last year and they still are my summer favorites.

top, pants: bershka * shoes: random
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for ivy climbs the crumbling wall to decorate decay

as promised, this is the first of my weekend outfits and i have a couple more to post in the next few days. nothing fancy, a relaxed ensemble suitable for the hot weather outside. i actually didn't last long walking in the sun so i immediately went back to the shade after taking these photos. you couldn't even move an inch without sweating. i really loved this wall covered in ivy, and it was just slightly cooler than anything else around so i decided to take shelter near it. but i  guess that's what the swarming insects in it thought too. i could hear them buzzing around as if telling me to go away cause that was their territory. i did feel like an insect wearing my ruffled sleeved top. maybe if i bat my arms real hard i could actually fly. or maybe not. i was also wearing my angel wings earrings, so i guess i had more in common with the creatures swarming around me than i thought. since i was spending the weekend apart from my boyfriend i took his dog tags and left him with mine. i though it would be nice to have something of his with me and also i figured it would be really funny if one of his friends decided to read his tags and find out they had my name on them. unfortunately the joke was on me because no one noticed, not even him. 

top: bershka * shorts: kathy * shoes: random
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weekend fun roundup

here's a quick roundup of how i spent my weekend. i took friday off and spent a long weekend in a small village in austria with my family. i was mostly goofing around with my sister, spending time at the pool, playing with cute little kittens or trying out the various rides (which were too small for us) at a children's playground. will come back later with a proper outfit post. hope your weekend was as fun as mine :)

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we're no longer collecting art; we're buying people

a couple of days ago i snatched up another great dress from the thrift store. i was instantly attracted to the print, though i am not a big fan of red as a main color in an outfit. but the pattern reminded me in some way of the paintings of jean-michel basquiat. the color mix, the naive brush strokes seemed taken out of his paintings and graffiti works. i know it's not exactly a literal interpretation but you get the idea. going back to the dress, it was too pretty to pass up, but it was a couple of sizes too big for me. that's often a problem you face when thrift shopping. sometimes you get your hands on some pretty awesome pieces but they are not in your size. in order to overcome this issue i decided to take a few centimeters off the hemline, which was originally over the knee - a length i do not necessarily find flattering on me. from the material i cut off i made belt and now it fits a lot better cinched in the waist. i always look for potential in the items i find in thrift shop, not necessarily for a perfect fit. i just wish i had better sowing skills when altering my thrift finds.

dress: thrifted * shoes: random
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the truth lies in between the 1st and 40th drink

this is a little outfit i wore to a wedding this weekend. as much as i hate going to weddings i will gladly take the opportunity to dress up, get all fancy about it and even put some makeup on. me wearing makeup is quite a rare sight, mainly because it takes me a lot of time and it requires some skills i do not really posses. but i guess practice makes perfect. it's a struggle most of the times and i usually end up wearing too much makeup (the inner drag queen tends to rise to the surface). i really tried to tone it down this time, and tried to match it with the dress. this is also my first attempt at a herringbone braid. it turned out quite ok but still needs improvement. as for the dress, this is the softest, lightest thing to ever touch your body. it's 100% silk and hand painted. it's one of the most precious things i own. as for the wedding, there was delicious food, many drinks and some great music, but that only started around 4.30 in the morning when i was already tired as hell. still i got some moves down on the dance floor and an hour later i called it a night. or rather an early  morning :)

dress: stella mccartney * shoes: bb up * bag, earrings: vintage
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