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the truth lies in between the 1st and 40th drink

this is a little outfit i wore to a wedding this weekend. as much as i hate going to weddings i will gladly take the opportunity to dress up, get all fancy about it and even put some makeup on. me wearing makeup is quite a rare sight, mainly because it takes me a lot of time and it requires some skills i do not really posses. but i guess practice makes perfect. it's a struggle most of the times and i usually end up wearing too much makeup (the inner drag queen tends to rise to the surface). i really tried to tone it down this time, and tried to match it with the dress. this is also my first attempt at a herringbone braid. it turned out quite ok but still needs improvement. as for the dress, this is the softest, lightest thing to ever touch your body. it's 100% silk and hand painted. it's one of the most precious things i own. as for the wedding, there was delicious food, many drinks and some great music, but that only started around 4.30 in the morning when i was already tired as hell. still i got some moves down on the dance floor and an hour later i called it a night. or rather an early  morning :)

dress: stella mccartney * shoes: bb up * bag, earrings: vintage


  1. beautiful dress!!! (stella mccartney = WOW ) looking really good!
    I feel the same about weddings ... I just love to put a bit more make up and my best dress!

    o seara faina sa ai! :*

  2. looks stunning!