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konichiwa. trees are for hugging

last night the guy and i went on a walk in the botanical garden and then out to dinner. i love it when the sun goes to set and the temperatures drop a bit and i can wear my all black outfits, which aren't very practical during the day. i thifted this cool wrap maxi skirt some years ago and i feel like a samurai every time i wear it. it would be the perfect attire for one of our archery sessions. i wish i knew what the kanji on it say, will have to find that out somehow someday. once arrived at the park we lay on the grass and filled our lungs with fresh air, talking nonsense and enjoying the beginning of our weekend. i've hard quite a rough week at work, and another one coming up, but then after that it's finally time for vacation. can't wait! so go ahead guys, enjoy your weekend. i've got yet another wedding to attend this weekend, seems like everybody's getting married this year. pictures will follow probably tomorrow.

 top: h&m * skirt: thrifted * shoes: random

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