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the lion's mane

being a leo i am very proud of my hair and very particular of my hairstyle choices. i've been planning a change for quite some time now and it's a miracle i was able to hold it a secret. i used to change my hairstyle quite often until a couple of years ago, changing colors and hair lengths and at some point i decided i wanted to grow it long and have bangs again. and so i did. now that my plan was brought to an end i decided it was time for another change. i knew i wanted to change my color and after much consideration this is what i came up with. i wanted to debut my new hair do in a dramatic way and so i put together this funky ensemble. i love the dramatic shape of the sleeves and waist as well as the collar of the dress. wearing black on hot summer days it surely torture but i thought it was well worth the sacrifice for obtaining the desired effect. the heart shaped glasses are always bound to draw attention. i got them last summer at a festival because they reminded me of marilyn manson's video for 'heart-shaped glasses". damn, it should have been me in that video, i would have totally rocked it!

dress: tally weijl * glasses: from a festival * shoes: random


  1. NIce! I wish I could pull off red like that!:) I have a lot of red in my face, though, so I'd end up looking like a tomato! Haha!

  2. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADORE~! THE HAIR!!! BEAUTIFUL!~! The dress!!! WOW!!!

  3. Wow, your certainly rocking that dress, and the new hairstyle. Love it ;)