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jumping someone else's train

this long weekend awakened the explorer in me. i pass by these railroad tracks twice a day, every day, on my way to and from work. or should i say i pass beneath them. and i have always wondered what it would be like to go up on these tracks. we finally went up there and had to walk along for quite a while before we could find the perfect spot for taking pictures. it was so much fun, trying to keep our balance on the track and watch and make sure no train was coming. it reminded me of my childhood, when we used to play on the abandoned railroad tracks behind my grandma's house. it all tied together with the vintage dress i was wearing and the loafers with a vintage vibe. it was almost a trip back in time. sepia tones would have made for better pictures but then you wouldn't have been able to see the beautiful colors of this dress or of my new mint shoes.

dress: vintage * belt: thrifted * shoes: bb up
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i thought that you were wise but you were otherwise

i thought i would kill two birds with one stone (wait, that doesn't sound right, why would anyone want to kill birds? that's not very nice, we should come up with a nicer substitute for this idiom) and shoot two outfits in one session. i've been kinda absent from the blogosphere lately and wanted to make up for it, but unfortunately the weather thought otherwise. the sky was grey and the light was awful and did no justice to this beautiful top i recently picked up at a thrift shop. it's oh so sparkly and fun but you can't really tell, because the sun was hiding away and so my top didn't sparkle the way it should. that's what i get for trying to force things instead of waiting for a better day to take these pics. if you had told me a few years back i would be wearing something sparkly (during the day too) i would have told you no way jose! now i don't even dare to say out aloud that i wouldn't be caught dead wearing sequins because you never know, right? never say never when it comes to fashion!

top: thrifted * pants: stradivarius * pumps: filty
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this is what makes us girls

hey guys, sorry my entries here have been rather scarce lately. i've been kinda lazy, i must admit, and i haven't really been able to manage my spare time wisely enough. what's kept me busy you ask? well, i've had friends visiting the weekend before this and it was super fun to hang out with them and show them around town. i met them while i was bartending in LA 6 years ago (man, has it really been 6 years?) and they now live in budapest. have you noticed how i write everything in lower case letters? i only do that because i don't feel that some words are more important than others (and because i get lazy). but i just couldn't help spelling LA in uppercase, it is after all one of the most amazing cities on earth. but i digress. then, we took advantage of this long weekend and went and visited my parents for easter. they now live in a quiet little village in austria and we don't get to see them very often. i'm not big on religious holidays (though i'll take any chance i get to enjoy a long weekend) but here's my take on dressing up in one's "sunday best": bodycon dress, lace tights and some bling.

dress, tights: h&m * shoes: bb up * necklace: thrifted * bracelet: topshop * ring: bershka
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unlikely superhero

from now on you will be referring to me as 'captain england'. for i have discovered my inner superhero. i have spoken. now seriously, this outfit is obviously heavily influenced by my recent trip to london. we went shopping one day down on portobello road, when i saw these union jack leggings in a window and my heart skipped a bit. i had to have them. they are so totally punk, i thought to myself. london is super pricey, as some of you might already know, so this was one of the few purchases i made there. i thought they might look cool paired with my vintage inspired cape and decided to go for this rather than the obvious punk scheme. so, i've got the tights, i've got the cape, now i must fly away and rescue some poor helpless fashion victims. go captain england!

 cape: massimo dutti * dress: thrifted * leggings: random (from london) * boots: jeffrey cambpell
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