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they call me lolita

i am not a fan of halloween, just as i am not a fan of any imported holidays. in fact i stayed in last night just to avoid all the halloween parties around town but that doesn't mean i don't like to dress up and get into character from time to time. today was such a beautiful day i got really inspired by my heart shaped sunglasses and decided to do a lolita inspired outfit. well, i know you can pretty much put anything on and just wear these glasses and you're the cover of stanley kubrick's lolita from 1962. i knew i wanted to wear some bold colored tights and red seemed the most appropriate, and then the plaid dress was yet another quick and obvious decision. this sure called for some blood red lips, but since i don't own a lipstick this will have to do. i only use the color red as an accent, a tiny detail or to make an outfit pop. it is a very strong color and this is as much as i can pull of. one thing i know it sure does lift up the spirits. you cannot keep a frown in the presence of red.

dress: h&m * tights: random * shoes: dgm
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you were always one of those blessed with lucky sevens

so i'm finally back. things are slowly starting to get back on track. turns out i bit off more that i could chew. i thought i could do it all and almost collapsed. i decided to postpone my motorcycle driving lessons indefinitely and focus on my car driving lessons and work and still have some personal life left. i just spent the most exhausting 2 weeks of my life. learning to ride a bike is far more hard core than i expected and it drained the life out of me. it demands so much energy, balance, focus and awareness and i just couldn't keep up with it all. plus i didn't pick out the best time of year to be doing this. we'll see how things go and maybe i'll get back to it in spring. meanwhile i am indulging in one of my current obsessions: flower adorned tights. they are simply fabulous. i just picked out these a couple of days ago as a reward to myself for passing the written driver's licence exam. i wanted to pair them with a graphic print, and so the striped dress came into play. a brightly colored outfit sure makes it easier to confront the freezing cold outside. gotta go now, i wish you all a warm sunny weekend!

 dress: pimkie * scarf: random * tights: accessorize * belt: thrifted * boots: red lips
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there's a drumming noise inside my head

i appologise for the sudden hyatus. the truth is things are pretty hectic right now, and i just don't have the time to do it all. i'm running around all day and by the time i get home there's barely enough time for anything. i have my drivers licence exams next week and i am starting my motorcycle driving lessons tomorrow, hopefully. that is if the rain decides to stop and leave us alone. i checked the weather report in the meantime and  it looks like there's hope for tomorrow. i am feeling kinda bad ass right now thinking i will be riding a bike but i bet i'll be shit scared tomorrow. who knows, we'll see. acting tough has been mandatory these past days. my car driving lessons are not over yet and i'm pretty beat afterwards, i am swamped at work, then i come home and i have to study for the exams. on another note, i decided to hang on to some of my summer dresses for a wee bit longer so in order to do that i knew i had to toughen them a bit. i figured a flowy ruffled dress would look great paired with some faux leather leggings and a blazer. i just love mixing hard and soft materials. it sure gives some edge to the whole outfit. throw on a pair of guitar earrings like i did and you're ready to rock.

blazer: pimkie * dress: h&m * leggings: stradivarius * shoes: dgm
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the sky is on fire

as days are starting to get shorter and shorter i learn to appreciate light more than ever. i am usually confined between the white walls of my room when taking outfit shots as there's barely any light left by the time i get home, and i have to do this by myself most of the times. this weekend i discovered the roof over our building is open again so i decided to venture up there today with my tripod while i still had some light. unfortunately it was already 7 pm and the light was dimming by the minute. i caught a beautiful sight of the reddened sky but sadly enough there were barely any good outfit pictures by the end of it all. there's barely any light in the last frame but i decided not to use the flash as i felt it would ruin the whole thing. it was a fight against the dimming light but i am glad i got to see all those beautiful colors in the sky. hopefully i'll get a better shot next time. just a few things about the outfit: i wanted to spice up a bit what could have been a very sad outfit and so i decided to style up the pants and shirt with some checkered suspenders and a bright purple cardigan. i was actually planning something high waisted for this shirt but none of my skirts seemed to work and i don't have any high rise pants. why don't i have a pair of high waisted pants? have to get me some.

cardigan, shirt: thrifted * pants: flo&jo * shoes: dgm * suspenders: from sziget festival
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you don't like me but you love me, either way you're wrong

first of all, happy friday everyone. you have no idea how happy i am, this week seemed endless with so much stuff to do. one other thing about friday, i don't know exactly why, seems like the perfect day to play some morrisssey - hence the title. unfortunately all this running around has been kinda counterproductive blog wise. i barely had time to update and here we are, it's friday and this is my only outfit post of the week. although i still had some errands to run i decided to take a break today, dress up, have a nice lunch with the girls and then come back after work and only indulge in pleasant activities like updating the blog, catching up with what has been going on in the blogosphere and watching my favorite shows. dressing up today involved a little black dress with wonderful pockets in the front, hypnotic striped tights, ankle boots and my new favorite cardigan. i am crazy about the ruffled shoulders. i know i will be doing a lot of black and white outfits again this fall, hope you won't get bored with them. i just love the visual impact of black and white. ok now, time to finish this and get back to the latest episode of project runway. i am rooting for mondo this season. who's your favorite?

cardigan, dress, tights: h&m * boots: red lips
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one year anniversary

that's right, my baby blog turned one last month, on september 17th to be more precise. i cannot believe a year has gone by already, it's been such an amazing ride. i started my blog with the desire to interact with other fashion enthusiasts, feeling rather disappointed that the people around me in real life couldn't care less about fashion, or weren't as enthusiastic about it as i was. this blog gave me the opportunity to discover so many amazing, interesting, creative, risk taking people and i am most grateful for that. it also gave me a chance to learn new things about myself and grow, it made me challenge myself to be more creative and take more risks fashion wise, and define who i really am. this became such an important thing in my life, i couldn't even imagine now not being skinny buddha. there are times when i get frustrated about not being able to post as often as i wish, life sort of gets in the way of that, and my full time job too. i like to think of myself as a corporate bee by day, fashion blogger by night. here are some of my favorite blog moments. thank you all for being a part of this amazing experience!

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CSN giveaway WINNER

a big thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. i am really happy to have been able to do this for my lovely readers and celebrate at the same time the first year anniversary of this blog. thank you all for being a part of it. and now, drum roll please!
the winner, according to,  is:

congratulations Henria !!!
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these precious things

it's been such a hectic week. i've been running around like a mad man doing errands, been swamped at work, studied for my driver's licence exam, took my first driving lesson and so on. i am sure glad it's over and i can relax and enjoy my weekend. all this running around gave me no time to dress up and set the creative wheels in motion. it's been a week full of pants, t-shirts and sneakers until friday when i decided to put a bit of effort into my dressing up, and this is what i came up with. i've been quite excited to introduce you to my new vintage skirt i picked up in paris. i was hesitant to buying it at fist because of the price - 25 euros! - but it was such i statement piece, i couldn't resist it.. it has the most gorgeous print and colors and the label says it was made in west germany. how cool is that? i love a full skirt and the way it accentuates the waist. i definitely wanted all eyes to be on the skirt but i also wanted to avoid pairing it with a plain black or white shirt. and so i decided to play a bit off the colors of the skirt and paired it with what i call my tattoo shirt. it also has a beautiful print on it and it's a bit transparent so if you look real close you can actually see my real tattoos underneath it. i haven't worn so much color at once in a really long time, but it sure paid off taking this chance.

dont' forget to sign up for the GIVEAWAY here. you still have till midnight tomorrow.

shirt: thrifted * skirt: vintage * tights: fiore * shoes: bb up
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