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you were always one of those blessed with lucky sevens

so i'm finally back. things are slowly starting to get back on track. turns out i bit off more that i could chew. i thought i could do it all and almost collapsed. i decided to postpone my motorcycle driving lessons indefinitely and focus on my car driving lessons and work and still have some personal life left. i just spent the most exhausting 2 weeks of my life. learning to ride a bike is far more hard core than i expected and it drained the life out of me. it demands so much energy, balance, focus and awareness and i just couldn't keep up with it all. plus i didn't pick out the best time of year to be doing this. we'll see how things go and maybe i'll get back to it in spring. meanwhile i am indulging in one of my current obsessions: flower adorned tights. they are simply fabulous. i just picked out these a couple of days ago as a reward to myself for passing the written driver's licence exam. i wanted to pair them with a graphic print, and so the striped dress came into play. a brightly colored outfit sure makes it easier to confront the freezing cold outside. gotta go now, i wish you all a warm sunny weekend!

 dress: pimkie * scarf: random * tights: accessorize * belt: thrifted * boots: red lips

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