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I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

H&M floppy hat black French Connection lace dress

My lover's got humor
She's the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody's disapproval
I should've worshiped her sooner

If the heavens ever did speak
She's the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday's getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week

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Sticks 'n' stones

Zara black and white stripes dress Nowistyle coat Stradivarius cut out ankle boots

I used to be teased as a kid for being too skinny. People would say my skinny legs look like a pair of sticks. In fact, I was teased well into adolescence about this and then I guess people just got over it or accepted me for who I was. Mind you, I used the term 'teased' and not 'bullied', so I guess it wasn't that bad, but still it did make me feel uncomfortable. As I grew older I realized my long sticks are in fact one of my best assets. They still are and I do enjoy flaunting them on occasion. Sure, people no longer tease me, they honk and whistle on the street, but that's another story. This was never meant to turn into an advice column, but ladies: if you've got them, flaunt them!

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I wanna fall in love with you

H&M green jumpsuit Asos flats

I've had this jumpsuit for a few years now, and every year when fall settles in, with no exception, it is the fist thing I want to wear. Well, some years I might have a hard time accepting the fact that summer is over and fall has settled in, but I still wear it none the less. And because this is sometimes also called a play suit, I get all giddy inside and playful and  want to please my inner child. Today was such a day and I felt like a schoolgirl with my braids and play suit on. If I wasn't 30 something I would totally rock this for back to school.

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Hand me my leather

Zara black and white crop top H&M faux leather skirt

I guess you could say I am in a rut. I find it quite impossible to stay away from black these days. Well, to be completely honest I am not really making any effort in that direction, and am quite content to stick with this non color. Given the volume of this crop top and busy print (I love the mixed prints in the front and back), I kept the bottom simple and sleek with the help of a faux leather skirt. My accessories followed the black theme, but if you are feeling particularly adventurous and want to stand out you can always swap them and go for a pop of color such as a bright red. 

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And then she's here, and then she's gone

Stradivarius brown leather top H&M crimson full skirt

I am taking a small break from all black outfits and embracing some earth tones, perfect for fall. I absolutely adore my new brown leather top and I bet you'll be seeing it a lot this season. I cannot wait to style it in endless combinations. This time I opted for a midi skirt with a full bottom that creates beautiful shapes when I walk. I kept the make-up in very natural tones, some sort of 'no makeup' makeup. It's my first attempt and I really love the result, considering that I usually try to emphasize my eyes as much as possible otherwise they seem as small as peas.

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Dream of Californication

H&M hat LA t-shirt ripped black jeans

From a sartorial point of view, fall is definitely my favorite season. From a weather perspective, I have a hard time saying goodbye to summer, but it seems like the transition to fall is quite gentle this year. But oftentimes I find myself day dreaming about living in LA, the land of perpetual good weather. So I thought I would bring LA closer by wearing a t-shirt I borrowed from the boyfriend. You might have noticed a lot of black around the blog lately, and it's for sure my color of choice this season. It's good to be back to this old love of mine.

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Trying to figure it out

skinny buddha t-shirt striped rainbow skirt

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How good it was

LBD H&M dress sheer panel Zara black sandals

I must admit I am pretty obsessed with this dress. I got it on Saturday and I've already worn it 3 times. Crazy! Can I eat, sleep and go to work in it? I think I can! It has the perfect shape, design and length and can we talk about how awesome the sheer panel in the front is? I kept the accessories to a minimum, but truth be told, no accessories and just the red lips would have been perfect as well. Can't wait to wear it with a cozy oversized cardigan once the temperatures start to drop. Do you have a favorite fall piece yet?

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