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Boa sorte

H&M floral dress milkmaid braids Asos flats

Bom dia! Greetings from sunny Lisbon where I am currently on vacation. I'm gonna keep things short because,well, like I said I'm on vacation (but I guess a blogger's job is never done), but also because I've had a full day doing touristy stuff, walking around this beautiful city and I am pretty exhausted. The pictures were taken at the impressive Torre de Belem situated on the bank of the Tangus river. Enjoy!
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Let’s take a dive, swim right through sophisticated points of view

navy stripes Amisu dress H&M straw floppy hat

I am officially on vacation. Yey! But before my flight leaves this afternoon I still have some time to kill so I'll be sharing with you some pictures I recently shot in a dreamy location, the No name beach. There's nothing better than relaxing at the pool after a long day at work or during the weekend on these hot summer days. You don't need much, just trow on a casual maxi dress, a floppy straw hat and some cool shades and you're good to go. Going barefoot is a must, it relaxes me and helps me discharge all the accumulated negative energies into the ground. Bye-bye for now, stay tuned and I'll be sharing some vacation pictures pretty soon!

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Be classy anything but trashy

Vigo studio yellow motif t-shirt Asos skirt Zara sandals

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Baby if you hold me then all of this will go away

floral summer dress H&M mirror sunglasses Zara turquoise sandals

The perfect summer dress this season turned out to be this thrifted one that has been hanging in my closet for a few years now. White is always a wise choice when it's scorching hot outside and the subtle floral pattern makes it more fun and quirky. The shape is very flattering on all body types and will not cling to you which is very important. If a slight breeze should blow you've even got an excellent built in ventilation system. Pair this up with flat sandals in a contrasting color and the wow effect is guaranteed. Even my peach lemonade matches the outfit, go figure!

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Design me...

Vigo studio yellow motif t-shirt H&M dress floral Converse

The weekend is finally here and a good excuse to wear another t-shirt from the Yellow Motif label by Vigo Studio. The Design me t-shirt is all about breaking the rules and experimenting. I decided to wear mine layered over a basic sleeveless dress with a bold cut in the front. Throw in a worn down pair of Converse and you're good to go. You might be hitting the swimming pool like me, go out for a coffee with friends or go on a shopping spree but whatever you do, do it with great attitude and confidence.

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In his arms she was always Lolita

white top red H&M pleated skirt heart sunglasses

Whenever I wear these heart shaped sunglasses I think of two things: one is Marilyn Manson's video for Heart-shaped glasses and of course, the obvious one, the Lolita film poster. Although Lolita does not wear the sunglasses anywhere in the film, the movie poster imagine has been burned deep on our retinas, which only goes to prove once more the power of marketing. It was obviously very appropriate for me to take these pictures in front of a school gate to make the connection with the book and movie character even stronger. With such a pair of statement sunglasses I tend to keep the rest quite simple and add only a few key accessories.
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Mother of dragonflies

painted dragonfly dress

A few months back I did a shooting for a magazine that never came out, and who knows if it ever will. This dress was custom made for the shooting by my friend Adriana who was also styling the shoot. The poor things has been hanging out in my closet ever since, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do a shooting of my own. Adriana knows my love for dragonflies and she skillfully hand painted this beautiful creature on the dress. I absolutely adore the floor length and the open back, with a view on my cherry blossom tattoo and a sneak peek of the dragonfly on my ribcage. 

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Party like a rock star

H&M boyfriend jeans vigo studio print message t-shirt party like a rock star

My friends at Vigo Studio recently challenged me to style some t-shirts from their Yellow Motif label. I loved them all but had to start with my favorite one "Party like a rock star". Summer for me means festival season. And even though I am not partying as hard as I used to, I still get my share of outdoor concerts, parties and fun activities. Message t-shirts are the IT item of the party season and can be worn in various combinations. I chose to pair mine with boyfriend jeans and statement sandals. The shirt comes in one size fits all and the asymmetric cut flatters all body types. Can't wait to share with you my styling for the other t-shirts as well. 

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Death by diamonds and pearls

nowistyle bejeweled t-shirt sense pink lace skirt

With the temperatures rising abruptly nowadays, it will become quite impossible to wear black during the day. I caught a break on this particular day and I was glad I got the chance to style this skirt (first featured here) in a different and more edgy manner. I liked the idea of the delicate pink lace skirt paired with all black elements. It certainly gravitates towards the more lady like attitude I sometimes like to embrace.

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Mango black dress H&M mirror sunglasses Jeffrey Campbell studded sandals

I've been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey lately, hence the title, and it all ties up (pun intended) with the theme today, featuring a cut out little black dress from Mango that somehow makes me think of bondage. I really love the criss-cross straps and the cut out details on the sides. Matched things up with my trusted studded Jeffrey Campbell sandals and I seem straight out of an S&M flick (just kidding). Anyway, this is what I wore to the fashion shows on the day before last in Sibiu. I ditched the blazer for the photos, but it came quite in handy when the sun hid behind the clouds later that day.

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Paint a picture

Pull & Bear leather jacket Stella McCartney silk dress

Friday night at the first Feeric Fashion Days Gala was quite cold and rainy and the actual gala had to be moved to an indoor location. Luckily I managed to snap these photos just after the show at the Brukenthal Museum when it was relatively pleasant outside. My trusted leather jacket provided both the warmth and comfort I needed but it also gave my outfit an edgy vibe. I loved pairing it with this delicate silk dress decorated with paint brush strokes, and with the cut out ankle boots. I look pretty beat, plus I was wearing very little makeup, which makes my eyes look way smaller than usual, but I assure you I had a blast that night.

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