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a wise old owl sat on an oak; the more he saw the less he spoke

i am so excited to have managed to get another appointment with my hairdresser. it's vacation season and we kept missing each other. i was dying to get my color refreshed as my hair was slowly getting lighter and lighter and the previous color faded. this time around it turned out so great and a little more on the copper side rather than the previous one when it was more red. i love it, i love it, i love it. i was also really excited that the temperatures have dropped a bit these days and it's cooler outside. i get to wear black again during daytime without melting, yey. unfortunately it was quite chilly today and down came a bit of drizzle so i couldn't take my pictures outside. one other reason i chose a black dress, which is very simple but with a nice low cut back, was to showcase my new accessories. i've been on a hunt for an owl necklace and i couldn't find one, but i got something even better: an owl ring. she's the cutest creature ever, i'm gonna have to name her. the ring was a present from my sister and so was this leaf necklace that goes perfectly with the ring. and also they are very fall appropriate. did i mention i can't wait for fall to come?

dress: thrifted * shoes: eram * ring, necklace: pull&bear * earrings: stradivarius
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wild mood swings

contrary to what you might think, i haven't been living in this skirt for the past couple of weeks. although i did wear it 2 times already this week. i can't help it, i'm so excited about it. and i keep trying out new ways to style it. i suppose lace is gonna be big this fall too so i decided to pair the skirt with a button down lace shirt in anticipation of the season ahead . i love the contrast between the delicate shirt and the rough, wrinkled skirt. then i went all wild with the accessories. and by wild i mean my new zebra print flats. they are actually the only animal print i own. i don't normally go crazy for animal print but zebra is another story since black and white is my favorite color combo. then the sun glasses have these cute little butterflies on the sides, and my earrings look a bit like twisting snakes so you get the point. i couldn't be more happy with the spot we found for the pictures. looks kinda wild and it's right in my neighbourhood, a few blocks from where i live.

shirt: thrifted * skirt: h&m * shoes: eram
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muted palette

summer is not even over yet, though you can kind of smell it in the air, and on one hand i wish summer would never end because it's my favorite season, and on the other hand i feel incredibly anxious for fall to come. it's strange how we sometimes are, always living in expectation. during this transition period i find myself more and more attracted to a different set of colors and i put aside the bright ones for next year. neutrals, nudes and earth tones are on my mind right now. talk about the perfect gift, this dress embodies so many of the things i love right now: muted colors, double layers, flowiness and a bit of transparency. it reminds me a bit of the wonderful creations of one of my favorite romanian designers maria lucia hohan. the dress was a birthday present from my best friend, and guess what: it's actually a night gown. i couldn't believe it when she told me but it's true, it actually says lingerie on the tag. who in the world sleeps in these kind of things? not me, i'd rather wear it out on the streets. the bag was also a birthday gift - i have the most amazing friends, and i am so in love with it.

dress: c&a * cardigan: promod * belt: thifted * shoes: stradivarius * bag: benvenuti
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a study on texture

as promised, this is the outfit i wore yesterday on my birthday dinner. nothing too fancy but i wanted it to be special nonetheless. i built everything around this beautiful elaborated skirt i just got while on vacation. i don't really care about trends and all but i am starting to love high waisted skirts more and more. what i love best about it is the elaborate pleating and the color. the color is so beautiful, and while i cannot quite define it i love that it's so earthy. at first i thought i would pair it with a simple white top so i wouldn't distract any attention from it, but then again i thought a play on textures would be much more fun. i chose a ruffled top that is very delicate and semi see through. it is so soft to the touch, it makes me play with the ruffles all the time. so, i thought the two would complement each other quite nicely and create a beautiful visual effect. i'm not sure you can see it very well in the pictures but the top is a very dark blue and so, paired with the skirt i felt it created a wonderful image of the night sky over the bare ground.

top: orsay * skirt: h&m * shoes: bb up
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birthday girl

so today is my birthday. as a friend of mine once said, we're not getting older we're getting wiser. well, i hope it's true. i may be 27 now but i am still just a kid inside. therefore, i took some friends out to lunch and we had ice cream. ice cream lunch, isn't that the best? well it was not only ice cream, there were lots of fruits and some crepes involved, so it was even better. i decided to dress in the most fun possible way and so i put on this cute skirt that i just bought in sales. it has the cutest print ever: little girls swimming underwater. ruffles are always fun and i don't wear them often enough and so i thought this might be a good time to add some more ruffles, hence the ruffled sleeves top. and now excuse me while i go get ready for my dinner date with my guy. we're having sushi. yey!!! i get to eat all my favorite things today. outfit pictures will follow tomorrow. ciao!

top: bershka * skirt: zara * shoes: stradivarius
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sziget festival. part 2

taking a nap at the ambient garden
the fantastic show of the compagnie malabar: le voyage des aquareves
 our friend, mr. h playing at the ambient garden
with my friend rebel
it's time for some flamenco
mud wrestling girls
 wearing my guy's iron maiden shirt before the show
 iron maiden
dear friends
 goodbye sziget. see you next year :)
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sziget festival. part 1

hi guys! so as i was telling you i spent last week at a festival in hungary. the festival is called sziget, which means island in hungarian, and the festival is held on this beautiful island on the danube river. it's a one week festival so that's pretty exciting and exhausting at the same time. lots of fun activities on the island during the day and awesome concerts at night. there are stages and tents for all the music genres you could ever wish for, so there is definitely something for everybody at this festival. warning: this is a picture heavy post so hang in there :)

got our bracelets on and we're ready to enter the island
but so are hundreds of other people
getting closer to the bridge
 after setting up out tent on the island we go for some shopping in the city
back on the island, taking pictures with the budapest sign
a very cool radio station car from holland
the tarot labyrinth
people wearing funny costumes
 the hives 
one of the best shows: peaches. 
she had a broken leg and was carried arround by a gorgeous naked 
pre-op transsexual. definitely not a show for the faint of heart
that got me in the mood for a drag show

to be continued...
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stripes, skulls and roses

just give me stripes and i won't ask for anything else. if i was told i were to choose a pattern to wear for the rest of my life i would chose stripes and not regret it one bit. there's something so french, classic, punk, relaxed about them at the same time that i wear them all year round. i actually had to wait for a cooler day to get to wear my new striped dress to work, because of the long sleeves. and for a real punk feeling i paired it with my favorite belt. i just love the details on it: chains, skull heads with roses in their mouth,s crosses and daggers. and talking about relaxation, i am taking two weeks off from work. yey! i won't be able to update the blog for at least one week, but get ready for when i come back, cause i'll be flooding you with pictures. i'll be spending the first part of my vacation at a one week festival in hungary, called sziget. sziget means island in hungarian and the festival is held on a beautiful island on the danube river. i am very excited about seeing some of my favorite bands, meeting up with dear old friends and having a blast together. until then, have fun guys!

dress: pimkie * shoes: random * belt: thrifted
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we are all electric

electric blue. i just love saying that. doesn't it sound cool? there's something about this color that instantly uplifts your spirits. and i'm not even a big fan of blue, but you just can't stay down while wearing it. and it is certainly a color that won't go by unnoticed. though i much rather wear it somewhere in a more exotic location, rather than just wearing it to work. wouldn't it be perfect for a dinner date by the beach, somewhere in portugal with your hair in the wind and barefoot, listening to electric light orchestra play? see how it all adds up? yeah, dream on. this goes to show how much i need a vacation, i am starting to talk nonsense here. it's saturday, i should go on with my weekend activities and so should you.

dress: mango * shoes: random
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