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wild mood swings

contrary to what you might think, i haven't been living in this skirt for the past couple of weeks. although i did wear it 2 times already this week. i can't help it, i'm so excited about it. and i keep trying out new ways to style it. i suppose lace is gonna be big this fall too so i decided to pair the skirt with a button down lace shirt in anticipation of the season ahead . i love the contrast between the delicate shirt and the rough, wrinkled skirt. then i went all wild with the accessories. and by wild i mean my new zebra print flats. they are actually the only animal print i own. i don't normally go crazy for animal print but zebra is another story since black and white is my favorite color combo. then the sun glasses have these cute little butterflies on the sides, and my earrings look a bit like twisting snakes so you get the point. i couldn't be more happy with the spot we found for the pictures. looks kinda wild and it's right in my neighbourhood, a few blocks from where i live.

shirt: thrifted * skirt: h&m * shoes: eram

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I have to say, this is the first time I've seen someone do the sheer + bra look and it actually look classy. Good job!

    xoxo Maria