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a study on texture

as promised, this is the outfit i wore yesterday on my birthday dinner. nothing too fancy but i wanted it to be special nonetheless. i built everything around this beautiful elaborated skirt i just got while on vacation. i don't really care about trends and all but i am starting to love high waisted skirts more and more. what i love best about it is the elaborate pleating and the color. the color is so beautiful, and while i cannot quite define it i love that it's so earthy. at first i thought i would pair it with a simple white top so i wouldn't distract any attention from it, but then again i thought a play on textures would be much more fun. i chose a ruffled top that is very delicate and semi see through. it is so soft to the touch, it makes me play with the ruffles all the time. so, i thought the two would complement each other quite nicely and create a beautiful visual effect. i'm not sure you can see it very well in the pictures but the top is a very dark blue and so, paired with the skirt i felt it created a wonderful image of the night sky over the bare ground.

top: orsay * skirt: h&m * shoes: bb up