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sziget festival. part 1

hi guys! so as i was telling you i spent last week at a festival in hungary. the festival is called sziget, which means island in hungarian, and the festival is held on this beautiful island on the danube river. it's a one week festival so that's pretty exciting and exhausting at the same time. lots of fun activities on the island during the day and awesome concerts at night. there are stages and tents for all the music genres you could ever wish for, so there is definitely something for everybody at this festival. warning: this is a picture heavy post so hang in there :)

got our bracelets on and we're ready to enter the island
but so are hundreds of other people
getting closer to the bridge
 after setting up out tent on the island we go for some shopping in the city
back on the island, taking pictures with the budapest sign
a very cool radio station car from holland
the tarot labyrinth
people wearing funny costumes
 the hives 
one of the best shows: peaches. 
she had a broken leg and was carried arround by a gorgeous naked 
pre-op transsexual. definitely not a show for the faint of heart
that got me in the mood for a drag show

to be continued...

1 comment:

  1. great experience the festival! been there 2 times ...and saw the killers there !!! yeey!!
    waiting for more photos !!