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stripes, skulls and roses

just give me stripes and i won't ask for anything else. if i was told i were to choose a pattern to wear for the rest of my life i would chose stripes and not regret it one bit. there's something so french, classic, punk, relaxed about them at the same time that i wear them all year round. i actually had to wait for a cooler day to get to wear my new striped dress to work, because of the long sleeves. and for a real punk feeling i paired it with my favorite belt. i just love the details on it: chains, skull heads with roses in their mouth,s crosses and daggers. and talking about relaxation, i am taking two weeks off from work. yey! i won't be able to update the blog for at least one week, but get ready for when i come back, cause i'll be flooding you with pictures. i'll be spending the first part of my vacation at a one week festival in hungary, called sziget. sziget means island in hungarian and the festival is held on a beautiful island on the danube river. i am very excited about seeing some of my favorite bands, meeting up with dear old friends and having a blast together. until then, have fun guys!

dress: pimkie * shoes: random * belt: thrifted


  1. this outfit is cooler than cool. you are so lovely. I mean seriously, you have such an effortless cool about you. your hair, your lovely long limbs. Yes, you are the epitome of cool. and i adore your belt.

  2. I Love this outfit ! It's sooo cool on you !
    Ur blog is very creative and interesting, so I decide to fallow u :]

    greatings from polish girl, Alex