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birthday girl

so today is my birthday. as a friend of mine once said, we're not getting older we're getting wiser. well, i hope it's true. i may be 27 now but i am still just a kid inside. therefore, i took some friends out to lunch and we had ice cream. ice cream lunch, isn't that the best? well it was not only ice cream, there were lots of fruits and some crepes involved, so it was even better. i decided to dress in the most fun possible way and so i put on this cute skirt that i just bought in sales. it has the cutest print ever: little girls swimming underwater. ruffles are always fun and i don't wear them often enough and so i thought this might be a good time to add some more ruffles, hence the ruffled sleeves top. and now excuse me while i go get ready for my dinner date with my guy. we're having sushi. yey!!! i get to eat all my favorite things today. outfit pictures will follow tomorrow. ciao!

top: bershka * skirt: zara * shoes: stradivarius


  1. Happy birthday !!! ...and may all you wishes come true !

  2. Happy birthday! Love that skirt too! ;)

  3. Happy birthday! 27 is the best! Oh, and adore that print! Wow. Enjoy your day!!!!