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spin spin sugar

i really wanted to try some bright orange to see how it matches my hair, but actually i don't really have much in this color, at least not summery pieces. i guess this flower printed dress will have to do. and the earrings. they were a gift from a friend of mine who makes handmade jewelry. just as the first time i posted this dress here, i am wearing the dress backwards. it fits really awkward if i put in on the other way around, and i much prefer it this way. also, there's something about this dress that always makes me twirl. it has such a nice full body you just wanna spin around until you get dizzy. which i kinda did while taking these pictures and trying to capture the right moment. there were some crazy bloopers i hope no one will ever see :). actually can't really say the one i posted is the greatest, i look like a deer in the headlights, but i was starting to get somewhat dizzy and had to stop. it's kinda hard for me to crack a smile while taking my own photos, it seems so silly, but I was laughing my ass off by the end of this one. too bad i didn't capture that.

dress: thrifted * shoes: random * earrings: handmade, gift


  1. Love how this dress matches your hair!!! You look so chic and summery and have the best bangs! BANGIN' LOOK (haha)!!!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  2. that is such a gorgeous dress, and what picture is your tattoo?


    ps. you have the best legs :)

  3. @Beckerman Girls: thanks :) this means a lot coming from you

    @Stace: thank you dear! my tattoo is a lotus flower :)

  4. wow, this dress is lovelier than lovely. I LOVE it backwards. I WANT it. PRETTY