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I bet you look good on the dancefloor + GIVEAWAY

This is me, channelling my inner ballerina. I don't really recall wanting to be a ballerina when I was little, but it's quite possible I did. I did want at some point to become a gymnast and I did in first grade in school. We would also take ballet lessons once a week with a different coach, and I remember loving the fact that she played piano. I learned a lot about poise and grace and making it all seem effortless. I try to remember that while posing. And this experience has probably marked the starting point of my love for dance. Now don't imagine anything fancy. The only dancing I am doing is on Friday night in an underground pub or bar, and mostly to brit pop music.

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I should have known each dress you own is a loaded gun

It is common knowledge that the little red dress is the epitome of femininity. It makes quite a statement, that's for sure. My leather jacket is currently the statement piece in my wardrobe and I've already worn it in endless combinations, but this one is by far the one I was most excited to experiment with. I love the contrast with the delicate red dress. It gives the whole outfit some edge and makes the dress more appropriate for day wear. I am also wearing a statement bracelet and ring designed by my talented friend Adina Mircea.

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Chinese gardens

Hello again, kittens. It’s yet another foggy day here in Shanghai but the weather is quite nice and warm. No November rain so far. I managed to snap these pictures a few days ago at work. We are located quite far from the city center but the offices here have a beautiful garden where you can take a stroll during lunch break. The food here has been amazing, and quite different from what you usually get in Chinese food restaurants in Europe. I managed to stay off coffee even during my first jetlagged days, and have been drinking lots and lots of green tea instead. I am coming home in a few days, until then check out my Instagram account @skinny_buddha for more pictures. Zàijiàn! 

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Shanghai skyline

Ni hao! Greetings from Shanghai! I had a wonderful time here so far and I still have a week left to explore this fascinating city. This weekend I went for a stroll on the Bund boardwalk and enjoyed the scenic view. Situated on the east bank of the Huangpu River, the Bund is the symbol of Shanghai. New finance and commercial houses as well as grand buildings built in the 1930s in European architectural styles cluster along the Bund. On the other side of the river you can admire the modern symbols of the city, the magnificent skyscrapers such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower on the left. A light fog was dancing on the river, making the view even more beautiful. Picture credits go to the random tourists on the boardwalk who were kind enough to take some pictures of me.

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Online shopping on

                             1.Floral Pattern Jacket                        2. Black and White Zebra Print Coat

                        3. Color Printing Shawls Sweater Coat      4.Color Contrast Cotton Yellow Coat

 Hello from Munich airport, darlings! I've got some time to kill before my 11 hour flight to Shanghai (yikes) so I decided to indulge in some online shopping on I stumbled upon their great selection of coats and jackets. I've added to  my wishlist some colorful, fun and quirky ones. Click on the links for more details. Happy shopping!

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Shanghai street style

I am packing my bags for a business trip to Shanghai as we speak. I am super stoked for the trip, as you can imagine. I'll be spending 2 weeks there so I decided to do some research on Shanghai street style before I go. This means that my activity here on the blog will be scarcer than usual, but keep an eye on my Instagram account @skinny_buddha and my Facebook page Skinny Buddha where I'll be posting pictures regularly.
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The horizon has been defeated

I live in a relatively small town, by western standards, so sky scrapers are not part of my daily scenery.  I have no idea what's behind these windows  and what the purpose of these stickers is , but I am glad I found them. New  York is definitely one of the cities I would see myself living in. Until then , a make believe photo session with its skyline in the background  will have to do. And all this talk about big cities is not completely random. I am about to travel to one of the largest cities in the world. Stay tuned to find out which.

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Your body is a weapon, mine is a temple

As you might have already guessed, this will not be your average fashion post. I recently picked up this track suit from Nowistyle and decided to do an outfit post with a twist (pun intended). I spent a wonderful weekend in the mountains, and it was the perfect occasion to put my new track suit to good use. I started my morning with an outdoor yoga session. Sun salutation makes much more sense when you are actually facing the sun. Later on we went hiking, enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful surroundings.The evening was spent at the lodge enjoying good food, delicious wine and great company.

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Maybe I'm a different breed

My first thought when I bought these ankle boots was that they somehow resembled hooves. And it wasn't necessarily a bad thing of course, because I loved them from the moment I laid my eyes on them. Pairing them with my zebra print tights was only natural. I couldn't help myself so I added some more stripes because let's face it they are so much fun, but kept the rest simple. This is pretty much the only animal print i wear, but if I ever saw a pair of giraffe printed tights I would not say no.Or would that be too weird?

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