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Somewhere along the lines

I've always thought horizontal stripes were very classy and sophisticated. I guess it's because I keep picturing Audrey Hepburn and oh well French people in general. Vertical stripes on the other hand have always had for me that young and playful allure, mostly because I associate them with candy canes and barber poles you would see in old movies. It's no coincidence that I wanted to take these pictures in front of a carousel in the children's park. Unfortunately I've never seen this carousel working, it's always covered up and it's such a shame. My boyfriend said maybe they don't have anyone to run it and suggested I should maybe get a job as a carousel operator. I rode all the carousels I found in Paris so maybe that can count as experience.
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Trust me... I'm a genius

college blazer stripped dress hearts tights cut out boots

I know I am well past that age but I thought I could still pass for a college chick. I only have vague memories of what I wore during my years at the university. Rainbow stripped knee socks, Converse high tops and dresses over jeans come to mind. I definitely did not wear anything even remotely similar to this, which is a bummer. I recently thrifted this college blazer and worn together with a stripped dress and my trusted satchel I could picture myself attending some classes over at Cambridge. The cut out ankle boots are also a new acquisition and I am madly in love with them. I rarely swoon over a pair of shoes but when it does happen, there's no stopping me and I will wear them to pieces.

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Now my heart is full

heart print shirt Massimo Dutti cape H&M leather pants


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I've got you under my skin

tattoo printed tights love moschino bag floral sweater pink hat

I've been watching a lot of Best Ink episodes lately and I can feel my skin itching for a new tattoo. I do want to get more work done but I haven't settled on a design or a placement yet. For the moment I am fighting the urge by wearing my new tattoo printed tights. I already fooled a couple of people into thinking it was real. I really love the idea of a classic skull and roses tattoo but it's not something that I am looking to get in the near future. Maybe when I am done with the Japanese theme. I accidentally took the wrong bag when I left home but my friend Laura saved the day and let me borrow her wonderful Love Moschino bag. It was the perfect match. If only I could hang on to it a little bit longer...

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The stars will be your eyes and the wind will be my hands

boyfriend checkered red shirt, wool shorts, knee high boots

Here is my relaxed weekend look and a welcome change from the more formal gear I've been wearing lately for work. I don't mean to misguide you, it's not that hot here yet, I was in fact wearing a jacket but thought this would look better without it so I put it aside. Despite the fact that I was wearing knee high boots and wool shorts, we had to hurry up and get the pictures as quickly as possible because I was starting to shiver. I felt a bit uninspired by my wardrobe, as it happens once in a while, so I borrowed the shirt from my boyfriend's side of the closet. We started watching a new show this weekend called True Detective and  I am currently obsessing over the theme song: The Handsome family - Far from any road. I imagined I would totally wear this outfit if I was a character on the show. Who's up for a hoedown?
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February, you are too hot!

balck and white H&M dress Pull & bear leather jacket

I never thought I'd say this, but February you are too hot! Of course, that is a good thing as I am not a fan of cold weather, but damn I still had a couple more warm sweaters I didn't get a chance to wear this season. On the bright side, I get to wear my leather jacket sooner than expected. I seriously don't want to take this thing off, it's my absolute favorite piece (for the moment, of course). I am sure in a couple of months' time I'll be swooning over something entirely different. I paired it with a graphic black and white dress with an interesting cut in the front and lots of pleats in all the right places to hide my after lunch belly, and some red and burgundy accents. This is for sure my favorite color combo of all times.

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Black and skulls and rock&roll

black white leather skulls

I visited my parents this weekend and as always, each trip back home is a trip down memory lane. This time I got to thinking about music and its influence on me throughout the years. I grew up in the '80 and '90 so I guess you can say I am part of the MTV generation. Sure, this was my biggest influence but the one who gave me a nudge in the right direction was my dad. I remember the day when he took me and my sister to the music store to pick up our first tapes for our brand new stereo.  We spent quite a while there and finally my sister and I narrowed down our choices and  decided to pick Aerosmith - Get a grip.  I still vividly remember the cover of the album: a  cow's pierced udder and a tattoo of the band's logo. Needless to say that the tape played on repeat for weeks.  In hindsight, I believe my taste in music could have gone in a totally different direction if I didn't have this starting point. And just to give you an idea of how cool my dad is, the tape he picked out was Bob Marley's Greatest Hits. 

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Like flowers, we're competing for the sun

floral t-shirt fox print burgundy leather skirt camel coat

Anxious for spring much? I usually wait a bit more to bring out the floral gear but this season I just couldn't resist any longer. I loved this idea of a polar fox with a flower crown. It makes for a great transition between the two seasons. Now that the worse has passed and the temperatures are slowly rising we can shed out our wool and knits and wear something lighter underneath our coats. Tights wise I kept it quite simple and wore mostly black this winter but this time I wanted to add to the floral theme.

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We can't reach any higher, if we can't deal with ordinary love

No small talk today, just a small piece of advice: wrap yourself in your coziest knits, drink some green tea and surround yourself with beautiful and loving people. That's all I want to do these days, anyway.

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A room with a view

maxi skirt Mango camel knit sweater slip

I must admit, we've had it easy this winter. Mild would be the perfect word to describe it. A few drops of snow, just to feel for a second that we live in a winter wonderland, a couple of days with below zero temperatures and that was it. Saturday was exceptionally gray and I all wanted was to relax in a beautiful decor and stare out the window. I put on my fanciest maxi skirt, dug out a vintage slip I "borrowed" from my mom years ago, and the coziest knit sweater. The backdrop I chose was an intimate cafe decorated in the most exquisite classic style with beautiful wallpaper, striped drapes and armchairs you could sink in. A girl can dream of being an aristocrat occasionally, can't she?

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