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shake dog, shake, shake, shake

I can't get over how cute this top is. in case you are wondering what the print is, scroll down - it's little schnauzer dogs! how awesome is that?! add in the peter pan collar and the fact that this was a birthday present (thanks again, sis!), and you can bet I am beyond happy. as part of adjusting to the new season I've been wearing a lot of black lately. man, I missed that. I've also got big plans for a new hair color. you know me, I need to change things up, every once in a while. I can't say  more, not because i like being mysterious (ok, so maybe I do, just a little), but because I need to make sure it will turn out exactly the way I picture it before spilling the beans. my hair appointment is on friday, so stay tuned.

 top, skirt: H&M * sandals: Jeffrey Campbell


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