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here's phase two of my hair color development - i told you this is a work in progress. this is actually what i was going for, a tie dye washed out effect. i love that there are layers of different shades of purple under the surface. my hair has never been this light before, so i am still trying to figure out what to wear with it. meanwhile i just wear a lot of black. to some people it's depressing but i find black quite empowering. i've been also playing around with combining different nail polishes lately, especially pretty pastels. here's the mint/purple version. one of the reasons why i love purple so much is the fact that it's the most misunderstood color. everyone sees it differently and that's the beauty of it.

dress: Tally Weijl * tights: H&M * flats: BB Up

1 comment:

  1. Cotton candy hair <33. Looks great against the black!