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The best of 2014

It's only natural to become nostalgic now on the eleventh hour. I'm taking a look back at 2014, remembering the moments and experiences that have defined it. It's a fun exercise I like to do each year and documenting my everyday outfits have proven to be beneficial not only for my self esteem (a small dose of narcissism is part of being a fashion blogger) but also for my memory. Ah yes, and also it's a reminder of how my money was spent. Years from now I will take a look at how my style evolved year after year, at fashion trends that have come and gone and I will be able to recall the settings and the moods captured in these pictures. Nobody flicks through photo albums anymore and I am happy to have this repository to share with all of you. 2014 you have been awesome, 2015 bring it on!

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Woke up to a winter wonderland

Skinny Buddha winter H&M coat jeans beanie Jeffrey Campbell litas

Oh boy, it's good to be on vacation! Now that all the Christmas madness is behind us, it's finally time to relax. I came home yesterday from a short visit in my hometown, where I hung out with my friends, slept for 12 hours straight and woke up to see the first snow of the year. How awesome is that. I put on a cozy knit sweater, boyfriend jeans and a warm jacket and out we went to the park. I must admit the high heels were only for the sake of the pictures, I changed into something more comfortable after that. Others were way ahead of us and had already made a bunch of snowmen, brought their sledges and  enjoyed some good old fashioned snowball fights.

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It's been this way since Christmas Day

Skinny Buddha Christmas B.A.D style graphic co-ord set

Hello boys and girls! Have you been good this year? Did Santa bring you all you asked for? I must have been extra nice because Christmas came early this year for me. My dear friend Adriana, who spoils me rotten, created this beautiful custom made co-ord set for me, and I am over the moon excited about it. I know I am bit late to get on the co-ord wagon, but better late than never. It's an easy way to look instantly more put-together, the graphic print is eye catching and it even looks kinda festive now that I think about it. And the best part is I've basically stocked my closet with three outfits in one. Can't wait to mix and match these pieces! Happy Holidays, my dears!

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Deep six

Skinny Buddha Zara burgundy cardigan H&M long chains over the knee boots

You wanna know what Zeus said to Narcissus?
"You'd better watch yourself"

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On my Dear Santa... wishlist

Sheinside Christmas sweaters
                       1. Buy here                                           2. Buy here                                         3. Buy here

Christmas is just around the corner and I still haven't bought all the presents yet. Yikes!There's nothing like a last minute online shopping spree to save me from trouble. With so many options out there I can guarantee no one is getting an ugly sweater from me this year. Check out the awesome selection I found and get inspired! Not sure what to wear to the holiday parties out there? I've got you covered. Click on the links and happy shopping!

Sheinside holiday party dresses
                     4. Buy here                                            5. Buy here                                          6. Buy here

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I'll wait for you there like a stone

Skinny Buddha H&M stripped sweater leather pants

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The only place you’re truly free is cozy in your dreams

Skinny Buddha Sheinside cozy grafic print cardigan ripped black jeans

My best allies nowadays and comfy, cozy, super-sized sweaters and cardigans. I love everything in a loose fit. And when the coziness comes in a super cute geometric print, I know for sure I have a winner. I already know I'll be wearing this non stop during the holidays. It's super warm and if need be, it can double as a blanket (just kidding). I already have in mind a couple more ways I can wear it, with some maxi dresses for example, so it will be on heavy rotation for sure. I kept everything else simple but couldn't help going matchy matchy with the hat, because why not. Do you already have a favorite piece this holiday season, or are you still on the lookout?

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I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway

Skinny Buddha cocoon coat striped tights gray dress

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Tell me I'm your National Anthem

Skinny Buddha C&A houndstooth coat H&M black dress hat

Man, it's good to start the week with a day off. Best Monday ever! We are celebrating our National holiday and in the light of the recent election results, I've never been prouder to be Romanian. I put on my fanciest outfit and I am proudly wearing Romanian designer jewelry by Beatrix Color. I picked a cute necklace with moon stone and hamsa pendant and a pyrite bracelet. Off to the festivities now!

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