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dark side of the sun

finally i got around to take some pictures of the proper way to wear this dress. first time i wore it i put in on backwards, simply because i liked it better that way, and i still do (you can find the look here). i'm not saying i don't like it this way too, but let's just say i prefer a bare back rather than a low cleavage. actually the dress is intended to be worn with a blouse underneath but i feared i would look like going to oktoberfest so i opted for a simple black tank top. i am taking full advantage of the fact that the weather isn't too hot these days, otherwise i wouldn't be able to walk around wearing so much black. it's my favorite color after all and i don't get to many chances to wear it during summer. as i am writing this i'm checking out the weather report and it looks like we're back to temperatures over 30°C (90°F) starting tomorrow, so that's the end of wearing dark colors for now. but that's ok, i got my doze of black and i'm ready to roll with some color. 

dress: vintage * shoes: random
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what's my age again

sometimes i wish i was in high school again and one of the cool goth kids. i must admit one of my guilty pleasures is visiting (now only online) the hot topic store. i know i am well past the rebellious teenage years, but once in a while i feel the need to channel the inner goth child in me. i remember the first time i walked into the store, i was working in LA for the summer, and i was mesmerized. i was 22 at that time but still there was no way i could pull some of those things off. but, there was one thing that i just couldn't say no to and that was this dress. years later it's still one of my favorites. i'm a sucker for all things dark, whether it's fashion, music, art or film. and this dress also embodies a bit of a pin-up girl or a gothic lolita, both trends i am mad about. i feel so bad ass wearing this :)). i love the subtle lace detail and the incorporated corset and the hard/soft juxtaposition. i know i may seem like a walking talking contradiction, jumping from one thing to another, but there are so many great styles out there it would be a shame not to try them.

dress: tripp, hot topic * shoes: dgm
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hello lovelies! as you may have noticed i  made a few changes around the blog. i decided to clean it up a bit and give it a more fresh vibe. i also changed the header to make it more summer appropriate, and i added my email address in the 'about me' section in case you want to get in touch. let me know what you guys think. hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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anchored in the past

some of my favorite recurring themes of this summer are definitely polka dots and nautical elements. and these two are happily combined in this wrap shirt i got a couple of years ago. i've always considered it a bit on the fancy side and i would wear it to work when i felt the need to dress up. but today i saw it in a new light. i realized there's also a retro feeling to it. and though i had to change 3 skirts before i was happy with the result, i do find it is quite a versatile piece. I badly need an anchor necklace, it would have been the perfect finishing touch for this ensemble, but failed to fine one in stores. i guess the red belt will have to do holding up the pieces together. i also need to buy some high waisted skirts, or simply more skirts for that matter. i need to expand that section of my wardrobe, but i seem to be stuck on buying dresses lately, they're so addictive.

 shirt: h&m * skirt: esprit, thrifted * belt: thrifted * shoes: random
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run in the rainbow direction screaming

i wish. all we've seen these past few days was heavy rain, wind, floods, streets turning into rivers. so you see, no chance for chasing rainbows. the temperatures also dropped drastically, so this is actually what i wish i was wearing today. instead, i had to swap the shorts for long jeans and put on a cardigan. but since this is way much more fun i decided to share with you my dream outfit. but as soon as the temperatures rise i'm going back to skirts and dresses. my goal was to avoid pants this summer, but seems like the weather has other plans. and let me tell you mister, i'm not wearing tights. not till fall. and that's final. on another note, i'm not very sure about this socks with sandals and wedges thing, but i'm digging the way these two look together. sure, i like the way they look on other gals, but i think i'm gonna stop here.

t-shirt: hippy hippy shake * shorts: thrifted * socks: charme * shoes: bb up
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stop me if you think you've heard this one before

last night we had some friends over for dinner, and since the food wasn't quite ready when they arrived (i know, we aren't exactly the perfect hosts) i took advantage of having one of my photographer friends around. i've been quite lazy lately and my activity on the blog was reduced to a minimum last week, so i immediately jumped the chance of having an impromptu photo shoot with him. now, it was getting dark outside so the light was not on our side but i do find that the last two pictures came out really good. one thing i've learned since taking pictures for the blog, is one: my eyes are really small (of course i knew that before, but wasn't aware of how they turned out in pictures), and two: my face reflects light in really weird ways. maybe it's time i started wearing some makeup :). one other thing, it was really important to me to take pictures of this dress, because this is what i wore for my first outfit post on the blog, here. i can hardly believe it's been 9 months since.
photos by monmec
dress: no label * shoes: random * bracelets: from my mom
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hey, are you a dreamer?

"they say that dreams are only real as long as they last. couldn't you say the same thing about life?"
truth be told, i don't have much to say today. i was gonna ramble about whether or not gingham is suited for summer and how i love the vintage vibe of this dress but then i started playing a bit in photoshop and got distracted. i'm still trying to figure out how it works so bare with me. after playing a bit with colors and effects i ended up with the purple picture below. it reminded me of a movie i saw years ago called waking life (that's where the quote is from) and it's a movie i recommend to you all. it's an animated movie and though you might not be a fan of the genre you will find it is absolutely necessary for the story. in fact, after spending one and a half hour in dream world, it's quite strange to adjust back to reality. a very thought provoking film, contemplating the nature of our existence and the universe, and the idea of lucid dreams, and most of all a visual delight.

dress: h&m * shoes: random
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under the cherry tree

now this is what i call a perfect day: picking cherries, strawberries and wild strawberries, laying in the yard and spending time with my best friend in the whole world. i only get to see my girlfriend a couple of times a year, usually around the holidays, so this time we decided to meet up in our home town and hang out together. a perfect end to a wonderful day meant a good bottle of wine and lots and lots of stories. on to the ensemble i wore while picking and eating fruits in the orchard, this is a dress i picked up at a thrift store not long ago. i had the hardest time ever trying to figure out how to actually put on the dress. it's quite funny because when you put it on the way i did here, you have buttons in the front, quite a low cut neckline which i reduced with the help of my mom's brooch, an attached belt that you're supposed to tie in a bow in the back (i wrapped it all the way to the front and then tied a small bow) and then you have two square pockets in the back. what is up with the pockets? why would you need pockets in the back of your dress? i also tried to wear it the other way around, pockets in the front (ok, they do make a lot more sense this way) but then you have buttons all across your back and a low cut back. anyway, i like it a lot better this way and i don't even care if this is not the way you're supposed to wear it. sometimes it's more fun to put things on backwards.

dress: thrifted * shoes: random * earrings: handmade
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this post is a bit overdue, but better late than never. i've been meaning to introduce you to someone. last sunday while out on the town i ran into atena, a dear friend of mine and fellow blogger, the gal behind beau bazar. we immediately jumped the chance to take some photos together, cause that's what bloggerinas do :). she's so much fun to be around, a very happy and optimistic person, very chic and creative. all these things are quite well reflected in her lovely blog where she talks about fashion, design, beauty, vacations, food and more. it is truly a bazaar of all things beautiful. make sure you pay her a visit.

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fruits and playsuits

there's something about jumpers that makes me feel like a 5 year old. not that i was wearing a lot of jumpers at age 5, but that's just the feeling i get. they're so much fun, comfortable, easy to wear and playful. i've been complaining a lot about the cold weather lately and now that it's finally hot and sunny (well, now it's too hot to be honest) this is the perfect thing to wear. to add a bit more playfulness to the ensemble i put on my fruit earrings and brooch. i'm a sucker for all things handmade and it never hurts to support the local artists. i gave specific instructions for the fruits i wanted on my brooch, and they are some of my favorite, so i have: kiwi, orange, avocado and fig. the earrings were a surprise gift and they are a pomegranate and a papaya. will have to take a close up picture of them next time. so this is it, my playsuit for the day. we should all remember to smile at the kid inside from time to time. i know i did.

jumper: soul rebel * top, shoes: random * earrings & brooch: handmade
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don't forget the flowers, someday i know i will

this skirt is one of my first diy projects. i remember i was in high school, there were all these parties i was going to and i wanted to wear something new every time, without damaging my parent's budget. some of my mom's old clothes began to fit me but they weren't exactly my type back them. i guess i only began to be interested in  vintage later on. so what i did was i started to alter my mom's and my own clothes. this was actually a dress and i cut it into separates. what i loved most was the color and the print and i still love them after all these years. don't remember what i did with the top but the skirt remained with me all this time. now it's all worn out, a bit faded, and you can see little pinches in the material, but i love that there's so much history behind it. i like my clothes to tell a story. i know i said i'm not big on floral prints but looks like i like them after all. 

top: old navy * skirt: vintage, diy * shoes: bb up
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dizzy feeling fine

the thing i love most about summer is you just throw on a dress and a pair of shoes and you're ready to head out the door. that's why i love dresses so much, they're the easiest way to get dressed. i don't bother with layering, i don't even have to match my shoes or accessories and they are the most comfortable thing in the world. i bought this beauty at a festival last year and unfortunately it doesn't have a label, so i have no clue who made this. but i'm gonna try and snatch a few more this year if i can find the stand. all i know it's so soft and flowy and i love the draping and the braiding in the front. the color is simply gorgeous, and i can't say no to anything purple. it also matches my latest tattoo perfectly. i haven't officially introduced you guys yet, so here it is, my gorgeous purple and magenta lotus flower, courtesy of the very talented tavi (check out his site here). it was kinda cloudy today but i am very happy with the way the photos turned out, as the light changed from one minute to the next.

dress: no label * shoes: bb up
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i try to look in the eyes of the passers-by

now i know this is not exactly appropriate work attire but luckily for me i can get by with almost anything at work. i do get the occasional weird looks just because i don't dress like everybody else there, but i don't mind. leggings always make me so self conscious. i feel the need to constantly cover myself for fear of over exposing certain areas. but today i decided to take a risk and wore them with two long tank tops and a long cardigan (not pictured here). i was counting on the panda print to distract everybody's attention. not sure if i fully achieved that but at least it made me fell better about the hole thing. one other thing, everything i am wearing is new, by which i mean not thrifted. on one hand it makes me feel fresh and hip and cool but on the other hand i feel like i am cheating my wardrobe, most of which is thrifted. for some reason i always feel the need to incorporate at least one thrifted item in my daily outfits, it makes me feel i am a better person.

tank tops: bershka * leggings: stradivarius * shoes: dgm
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