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under the cherry tree

now this is what i call a perfect day: picking cherries, strawberries and wild strawberries, laying in the yard and spending time with my best friend in the whole world. i only get to see my girlfriend a couple of times a year, usually around the holidays, so this time we decided to meet up in our home town and hang out together. a perfect end to a wonderful day meant a good bottle of wine and lots and lots of stories. on to the ensemble i wore while picking and eating fruits in the orchard, this is a dress i picked up at a thrift store not long ago. i had the hardest time ever trying to figure out how to actually put on the dress. it's quite funny because when you put it on the way i did here, you have buttons in the front, quite a low cut neckline which i reduced with the help of my mom's brooch, an attached belt that you're supposed to tie in a bow in the back (i wrapped it all the way to the front and then tied a small bow) and then you have two square pockets in the back. what is up with the pockets? why would you need pockets in the back of your dress? i also tried to wear it the other way around, pockets in the front (ok, they do make a lot more sense this way) but then you have buttons all across your back and a low cut back. anyway, i like it a lot better this way and i don't even care if this is not the way you're supposed to wear it. sometimes it's more fun to put things on backwards.

dress: thrifted * shoes: random * earrings: handmade


  1. back pockets ... on a dress...this is really a question? :)
    but as you already said...why so much to explain...the truth is that the dress is extremly cute and looks great on you !

    I love your creativity...and the way you fresh and funny !

    have a nice week!

  2. Miha the dress is amazing:)) you look so girlie:)


  3. Miha I lost your e mail and I can't find it on the site:(

    I need it for lookbook:) Please excuse me I'm a stupid person I forgot:(

  4. Oh my goodness, that is so ideal! I love this season! You look great :)

    xoxo Maria