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dark side of the sun

finally i got around to take some pictures of the proper way to wear this dress. first time i wore it i put in on backwards, simply because i liked it better that way, and i still do (you can find the look here). i'm not saying i don't like it this way too, but let's just say i prefer a bare back rather than a low cleavage. actually the dress is intended to be worn with a blouse underneath but i feared i would look like going to oktoberfest so i opted for a simple black tank top. i am taking full advantage of the fact that the weather isn't too hot these days, otherwise i wouldn't be able to walk around wearing so much black. it's my favorite color after all and i don't get to many chances to wear it during summer. as i am writing this i'm checking out the weather report and it looks like we're back to temperatures over 30°C (90°F) starting tomorrow, so that's the end of wearing dark colors for now. but that's ok, i got my doze of black and i'm ready to roll with some color. 

dress: vintage * shoes: random


  1. cute sandals! nice photos! ...and let there be summer so we can wear our colours :)

  2. I absolutely love the new simple layout of your blog. And your picture in the header is very cute. Love your outfit dear girl. Very pretty and chic!

  3. This dress is fantastic. I've been looking for one like it, actually! And these pics are so cool. Love the location! And you are looking just beautiful!