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hey, are you a dreamer?

"they say that dreams are only real as long as they last. couldn't you say the same thing about life?"
truth be told, i don't have much to say today. i was gonna ramble about whether or not gingham is suited for summer and how i love the vintage vibe of this dress but then i started playing a bit in photoshop and got distracted. i'm still trying to figure out how it works so bare with me. after playing a bit with colors and effects i ended up with the purple picture below. it reminded me of a movie i saw years ago called waking life (that's where the quote is from) and it's a movie i recommend to you all. it's an animated movie and though you might not be a fan of the genre you will find it is absolutely necessary for the story. in fact, after spending one and a half hour in dream world, it's quite strange to adjust back to reality. a very thought provoking film, contemplating the nature of our existence and the universe, and the idea of lucid dreams, and most of all a visual delight.

dress: h&m * shoes: random


  1. i love your dress & hair style!! you look stunning!!

  2. nice dress!!! I have an identical one :D
    I'll watch the movie...seems very intresting !

    have a nice evening!


  3. Mi-a plăcut Waking life. Şi rochiţa :-)

  4. Indeed! Very Waking Life!

    {but the question is- would I have thought so had you not planted the seed? Waking Life, indeed}

    And my darling you look AMAZING in gingham.

  5. This dress is completely awesome. And beautiful pics!! Have you seen The Science of Sleep? It is amazing and about dreams and lucid dreaming and when you are done watching it you sort of feel all drunk or high or weird, well, it's awesome. You should watch it. !

  6. this is a lovely dress, and yes it has a vintage vibe in it!

  7. YOu're looking very summer ready :)