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i say jump

it's only on rare occasions that i get sucked in by the must haves/ latest trends the media promotes, but i found myself lately more and more attracted to jumpsuits and rompers. after buying my very first one, that you saw here, i began to do a little research and see what else is there. now i'm craving long jumpsuits. if you find the perfect shape they can make you so tall and lean and elegant. and this is yet another thing i've never imagined i would covet. the list is starting to get longer than i imagined. what are your most coveted items of the season?

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  1. I really want a long jumpsuit too. These ones you have here are exactly what I am thinking of! I am hoping to thrift one though. But we'll see. If I find the perfect new one I'll snatch it up! You are right about the long silhouette. So elegant! Love the 4th 5th and 6th ones!

  2. Wow, the first picture is my favorite, the dotted maxi dress. I love it! I need it :-)

    Love your blog!!

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