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anchored in the past

some of my favorite recurring themes of this summer are definitely polka dots and nautical elements. and these two are happily combined in this wrap shirt i got a couple of years ago. i've always considered it a bit on the fancy side and i would wear it to work when i felt the need to dress up. but today i saw it in a new light. i realized there's also a retro feeling to it. and though i had to change 3 skirts before i was happy with the result, i do find it is quite a versatile piece. I badly need an anchor necklace, it would have been the perfect finishing touch for this ensemble, but failed to fine one in stores. i guess the red belt will have to do holding up the pieces together. i also need to buy some high waisted skirts, or simply more skirts for that matter. i need to expand that section of my wardrobe, but i seem to be stuck on buying dresses lately, they're so addictive.

 shirt: h&m * skirt: esprit, thrifted * belt: thrifted * shoes: random

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