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All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

green crop top sweater embroidered nowistyle pants

If this is not obvious from the get go, I was going for a retro kinda look. Something Megan from Mad Men would wear around the house.Well anyway, this happened this weekend while I was out of town. I didn't pack anything fancy with me, left all my heels at home and wore what I like to call my golf shoes, and brought only some red lipstick just in case. We discovered this perfect spot, a log staircase flooded by light near a high school. I would say I could even pass for a substitute teacher, right? Didn't even bring a purse with me on this stroll, so the entire time we were taking pictures I was fidgeting with my phone. Enjoy my awkwardness!

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When she needs to shelter from reality she takes a dip in his daydreams

kangaroo shirt H&M stripes skirt pink hat

The truth is I forgot my sunglasses on, I wasn't planning on including them in the shoot. But then I got to thinking about something a friend of mine once told me. She said I should not look at the camera every time I take a picture because each and every person looking at it will take a piece of my soul away. I didn't give it much thought back then, but it somehow makes sense. I am exposing myself to my readers on a daily basis and that can make you vulnerable. Hiding behind shades from time to time can be beneficial. 

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The heart is a lonely hunter

This shirt has already been worn by everyone and their grandmother by now, and copied numerous times ever since Burberry introduced it and made us all fall in love with the hearts print. But I think my penchant for hearts was initially determined by the Bradshaw girls in The Carrie Diaries show. Teenage Carrie wore a lot of heart print sweaters throughout the seasons, and even her punk rocker sister Dorit wore some, a couple of times. Teenage dramas are really not my thing, but I must admit this one was my favorite guilty pleasures. Next season, please!

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Keep your hands off my lobby boy!

dragonfly top leather skirt uniqlo tights

Last night I saw the much anticipated The Grand Budapest Hotel movie, and I am smitten. As expected, Wes Anderson enchanted us with gorgeous imagery and out of this world characters. I now have an uncontrollable urge to shout out "Keep your hands off my lobby boy!" to strangers on the street. That line was beyond hilarious. I don't normally spend much times discussing my favorite films or directors here on the blog, but I took these pictures in front of the old Capitol cinema studio downtown, so the subject seemed appropriate. This was my favorite cinema studio back in freshman year at the university. I remember the first movie I saw here was Dogville, which is something I would have never gotten a chance to see in a commercial mall type cinema back in those days, and the last one was Biutiful. It's been closed for a couple of years now and now is up for sale or rent, which makes me super sad. It's such a shame to see beautiful things go to waste.

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Out of the blue

Mango polka dot blue dress H&M necklace Stradivarius cut out boots

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OK Monday, let's do this!

H&M gray dress fringe necklace floral Converse H&M mirror sun glasses

I'm trying to be brave and face the beginning of the week with a positive attitude but the truth is my mind is still stuck on weekend mode. Days when you can soak up some sun at a terrace downtown, walk around in a simple comfy dress, bare legs and sneakers are just what I need right now. I haven't had a vacation since December and it's starting to take a toll on me. So excuse me while I daydream about some exotic landscapes and forget that tomorrow is another work day.

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Had some help from insect ways

Adina Mircea insect necklace

From the moment I stepped into Adina Mircea's studio I was drawn just like a moth to a flame (since we are on insect territory) to this beautiful statement necklace. You might remember this picture I snapped back then  and posted on my Instagram account. I finally asked her if I could borrow it for a photo shoot and now you can see how I decided to style it. If you guys love it as much as I do, just so you know, now it's safely back in the studio and is up for grabs. I am totally hooked on her designs and have already commissioned a scaled down and personalized version of this necklace.

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A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to take it off of you

Dany Ignat cut out leather dress

Here is part two of the shooting I did for the Fashion Fridays Spring Fair. You can imagine why I chose to wear this dress, it's the perfect balance of hard and soft. It's a one of a kind dress, more beautiful than anything I could ever dream of. The leather has been skilfully cut out by hand, placed on a silver lining and adorned with silk side panels. The effect is spectacular and heads are bound to be turned. This is one of those rare dresses that can make you feel strong, empowered and delicate at the same time. 

Dress: Dany Ignat
Photo: Andrei Cacuci

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International Women's Day

Happy women's day! As promised, here are some photos from last week's shoot at the Fashion Fridays Spring Fair. What better way of celebrating this day than wearing a beautiful and delicate dress!

Dress: B.A.D Style
Make-up: Puican Dinu Denisa
Photo: Andrei Cacuci

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Fashion Fridays Spring Fair

Photo credit Andrei Cacuci

Last weekend I was invited to attend the Fashion Fridays Spring Fair. Iulia did an amazing job, and this time chose as location the renovated bastion in the city center. I a bright and colorful decor, fashion designers greeted the public with their latest creations. We saw great designs, colors, textures, fabrics, amazing jewelry and shoes and of course lots of flowers. On the second day I had two photo shoots where I styled designs from the participants, which I will share in the upcoming posts. The liberty to choose from the items on display made me feel like a kid in a candy store. It was a super fun and exciting experience. Can't wait for the next one!

*Check out my friend's Laura of Living in a Shoe post here.
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Strangeways, here we come

H&M sunglasses lace top Pull & bear leather jacket tulle skirt

And we're back to our regular program. This has become one of my absolute favorite mixes of hard and soft, super feminine elements combined with something tough and edgy. I paired my super fun tulle skirt with a delicate lace top and though I must admit the leather jacket was an afterthought, it was the perfect counterpoint. I scratched my beloved Litas on the sides on a recent photo shoot so now I don't wear them as often, but for this particular outfit I wanted to be as high and tall as possible.

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In bloom

flower head band floral dress cutout boots

Flowers for spring. Shocker, right? I know this must be the ultimate cliché, but I just can't help it. Who cares what designers deem appropriate for us to wear this season, what colors, textures and shapes are in trend? I say if spring comes you better greet it by wearing some flowers. Preferably in your hair, to quote that famous song. Wear as many flowers as you can, and as colorful as possible at least for a day. Tomorrow you can go back to your black suits or whatever you fancy. As per our custom, I am proudly wearing my new mărțișor - a beautiful red dragonfly brooch. Love it!

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