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The heart is a lonely hunter

This shirt has already been worn by everyone and their grandmother by now, and copied numerous times ever since Burberry introduced it and made us all fall in love with the hearts print. But I think my penchant for hearts was initially determined by the Bradshaw girls in The Carrie Diaries show. Teenage Carrie wore a lot of heart print sweaters throughout the seasons, and even her punk rocker sister Dorit wore some, a couple of times. Teenage dramas are really not my thing, but I must admit this one was my favorite guilty pleasures. Next season, please!

shirt, bag: Nowistyle
skirt: Asos
shoes: BB Up
sunnies: H&M
ring: Adina Mircea

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, yes! I think 80% of the population has a shirt like this one :D But can you help it? It's so darn pretty! :D My sis likes the Carrie Diaries a lot, I really didn't like it :D Although I have a guilty pleasure of seeing the Vampire Diaries from time to time, even though it's quite dumb too :D
    I love your awesome feminine style! The skirt is beautiful, makes a stunning contrast!