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One for the road

So here it is, the last post this year. It's been a full one. I am currently enjoying my well deserved winter vacation in a mountain resort. I am pretty excited to spend New Year's on the slopes and my snowboarding skills are just about to get better. I would have probably worn something similar to this to a party, had I decided to stay in the city. Hopefully it can serve as inspiration in case you still haven't figured out what to wear tonight. Hope you have a wonderful time. Happy new year! See you in 2014!

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2013 Recap

It's that time of the year when we draw a line and count up the good and the bad. We take a look back at our accomplishments, get rid of the old and bring in the new, make new year's resolutions and plans for the future. As customary, I put together a compilation of my favorite outfits this year. Click on the links to see the original post. 

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I see the future and I want it painted black

Don't fret, this is not going to be a gloom and doom post. No apocalyptic view here. I was just in the mood for a good old fashioned all black outfit. I haven't done one in quite a while and I really wanted a comeback. I was going for a hard and soft juxtaposition by mixing the leather pants with the delicate lace top. I've worn a lot of leather lately, so I decided to do something a little bit different this time. I was quite tempted not to accessorize this at all, but very last minute I decided to throw on some red accents. Pink will definitely not be my next year's color, regardless what the experts say. I think I will stick to black and red, as long as I remain a blonde. But of course, this is all subject to change.

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Christmassy and jolly

I took advantage of the gorgeous hair and makeup from my photoshoot with B.A.D. Style and took some photos of my own. I was definitely into full Christmas mode given the choice of colors and patterns in my outfit. This skirt is super festive and I never miss out a chance to wear it especially around the holidays. Hope you guys have been good this year and got lots and lots of presents from Santa. Happy Holidays!

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And I watch as your head turns full circle

I'm heading off to the Fashion Fridays fair. Come and say hi!

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It's good to be a B.A.D. girl!

I am super excited to present my latest project in collaboration with B.A.D style. The talented designer behind the B.A.D style name, Adriana, challenged me and 2 other fellow bloggers to provide 5 key words (such as color, texture, length, pattern)  based on which she would create a design. Mine were: purple, dress, knee length, leather, inserts). The dragonfly she created using suede blew me away and I absolutely adore the embellishments. Hope you guys will enjoy the result! You can also check out some behind the scene photos here.

Hair: Antonela Cocean
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Agent orange

I'm really really in a hurry. I need to get ready for the company Christmas party and have to learn really quick how to do a Bollywood inspired makeup. Photos will be coming up on my Instagram @skinny_buddha

Meanwhile, you can read my little interview on Bucharest Style :)

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Targ de Craciun - Fashion Fridays

Fashion Fridays, editia de iarna, cel mai mare targ de design romanesc din vestul tarii, are loc in Timisoara in weekendul 20 - 22 decembrie 2013, la Zai apres cafe. 

Cei 30 de expozanti au pregatit colectii special create pentru acest eveniment, care se regasesc in cadrul sectiunilor - design vestimentar, accesorii si bijuterii. Tema de inspiratie este data de farmecul si magia sarbatorilor de iarna, designerii realizand piese unice, pe care le gasiti doar in cadrul celor trei zile de targ. 

Fashion Fridays este mai mult decat un targ cu cadouri specifice sarbatorilor de iarna; aici puteti cumpara mici porții de fericire sub formă de obiecte de design, bijuterii si creatii de designer, obiecte de artă, decorațiuni de brad sau turtă dulce. Este o oaza de liniste si relaxare in mijlocul orasului

20 – 22 decembrie
10:00 – 19:00
Zai apres cafee
Piata Unirii, Str. Strada Florimund Mercy, nr. 5
intrarea este libera
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Pure morning

I'm feeling particularly lazy this morning, so I am writing this from the comfort of my bed. My plan for the day was to do some cleaning around the house. I was out until the morning hours and I need just a tiny little bit more sleep. Oh, how I love to procrastinate. Hopefully you will enjoy my fun outfit here, we'll spark a conversation and I won't have to get out of the bed any time soon. 

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Dog days are over

Here's a glimpse of my recent fun activities. We spent the weekend in my boyfriend's hometown and decided to take his dogs out for a walk on Sunday. Meet Rico (above) and Charlie (below), my furry companions for this photoshoot. Rico was quite difficult to handle and gave me quite a workout, he does not like to pose on demand and is very energetic. He just wanted to play and roll around in the snow. Charlie on the other hand is very sweet and mellow. The rest of the weekend was spent playing with the cats and petting them while they were sleeping on my lap. Those of you following me on Instagram @skinny_buddha might have already seen these bundles of joy. This was by far the most relaxing weekend I had in a while.

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Dressale giveaway winners!

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Little China girl

I had prepared this post before my trip to Shanghai with the intention to publish it there. But as you know, much to my dismay I discovered soon after my arrival there that many of my favorite sites were banned, my blog included. The pictures were shot back home, just before I left, and are part of a challenge that my friend Laura set out. We decided to each create an outfit incorporating this wonderful sweater with detachable collar and back zipper detail from 33F. Hope you like the way I styled it. My reference was a modern version of a Chinese school girl. You sould also check out what my friends Laura (Living in a shoe) and Claudia (Qwearty) have prepared for the challenge.

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We could be royal blue

2 days left to enter the Dressale Giveaway!
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Wrapped in my cocoon

With the sudden drop in temperatures came the time to bring out the big guns. And by that I mean the winter coats. This season, the bigger the coat the better. I had my eye in this beautiful coat that I now call my cocoon coat from Nowistyle and I couldn't wait to get it. I absolutely love the shape. It can be worn open if the weather permits, cinched in the waist with a belt or pinned with a brooch. I am going to search for a pair of colored long gloves to go with it, maybe purple, to add a little splash of color.

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I bet you look good on the dancefloor + GIVEAWAY

This is me, channelling my inner ballerina. I don't really recall wanting to be a ballerina when I was little, but it's quite possible I did. I did want at some point to become a gymnast and I did in first grade in school. We would also take ballet lessons once a week with a different coach, and I remember loving the fact that she played piano. I learned a lot about poise and grace and making it all seem effortless. I try to remember that while posing. And this experience has probably marked the starting point of my love for dance. Now don't imagine anything fancy. The only dancing I am doing is on Friday night in an underground pub or bar, and mostly to brit pop music.

Don't forget to enter the Giveaway here!

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I should have known each dress you own is a loaded gun

It is common knowledge that the little red dress is the epitome of femininity. It makes quite a statement, that's for sure. My leather jacket is currently the statement piece in my wardrobe and I've already worn it in endless combinations, but this one is by far the one I was most excited to experiment with. I love the contrast with the delicate red dress. It gives the whole outfit some edge and makes the dress more appropriate for day wear. I am also wearing a statement bracelet and ring designed by my talented friend Adina Mircea.

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Chinese gardens

Hello again, kittens. It’s yet another foggy day here in Shanghai but the weather is quite nice and warm. No November rain so far. I managed to snap these pictures a few days ago at work. We are located quite far from the city center but the offices here have a beautiful garden where you can take a stroll during lunch break. The food here has been amazing, and quite different from what you usually get in Chinese food restaurants in Europe. I managed to stay off coffee even during my first jetlagged days, and have been drinking lots and lots of green tea instead. I am coming home in a few days, until then check out my Instagram account @skinny_buddha for more pictures. Zàijiàn! 

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Shanghai skyline

Ni hao! Greetings from Shanghai! I had a wonderful time here so far and I still have a week left to explore this fascinating city. This weekend I went for a stroll on the Bund boardwalk and enjoyed the scenic view. Situated on the east bank of the Huangpu River, the Bund is the symbol of Shanghai. New finance and commercial houses as well as grand buildings built in the 1930s in European architectural styles cluster along the Bund. On the other side of the river you can admire the modern symbols of the city, the magnificent skyscrapers such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower on the left. A light fog was dancing on the river, making the view even more beautiful. Picture credits go to the random tourists on the boardwalk who were kind enough to take some pictures of me.

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Online shopping on

                             1.Floral Pattern Jacket                        2. Black and White Zebra Print Coat

                        3. Color Printing Shawls Sweater Coat      4.Color Contrast Cotton Yellow Coat

 Hello from Munich airport, darlings! I've got some time to kill before my 11 hour flight to Shanghai (yikes) so I decided to indulge in some online shopping on I stumbled upon their great selection of coats and jackets. I've added to  my wishlist some colorful, fun and quirky ones. Click on the links for more details. Happy shopping!

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Shanghai street style

I am packing my bags for a business trip to Shanghai as we speak. I am super stoked for the trip, as you can imagine. I'll be spending 2 weeks there so I decided to do some research on Shanghai street style before I go. This means that my activity here on the blog will be scarcer than usual, but keep an eye on my Instagram account @skinny_buddha and my Facebook page Skinny Buddha where I'll be posting pictures regularly.
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The horizon has been defeated

I live in a relatively small town, by western standards, so sky scrapers are not part of my daily scenery.  I have no idea what's behind these windows  and what the purpose of these stickers is , but I am glad I found them. New  York is definitely one of the cities I would see myself living in. Until then , a make believe photo session with its skyline in the background  will have to do. And all this talk about big cities is not completely random. I am about to travel to one of the largest cities in the world. Stay tuned to find out which.

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Your body is a weapon, mine is a temple

As you might have already guessed, this will not be your average fashion post. I recently picked up this track suit from Nowistyle and decided to do an outfit post with a twist (pun intended). I spent a wonderful weekend in the mountains, and it was the perfect occasion to put my new track suit to good use. I started my morning with an outdoor yoga session. Sun salutation makes much more sense when you are actually facing the sun. Later on we went hiking, enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful surroundings.The evening was spent at the lodge enjoying good food, delicious wine and great company.

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Maybe I'm a different breed

My first thought when I bought these ankle boots was that they somehow resembled hooves. And it wasn't necessarily a bad thing of course, because I loved them from the moment I laid my eyes on them. Pairing them with my zebra print tights was only natural. I couldn't help myself so I added some more stripes because let's face it they are so much fun, but kept the rest simple. This is pretty much the only animal print i wear, but if I ever saw a pair of giraffe printed tights I would not say no.Or would that be too weird?

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Such a perfect day

As much as I dread it, I have to resort from time to time to the tedious small talk about the weather. And I have no choice, trust me, but to declare this weather we've been having as glorious. We're nearing the end of October and the temperatures are still in their 20s so I am enjoying probably the last bike rides of the season. I've put aside my fancy ensembles and went for comfort in distressed corduroy pants, oversized sweater and my old-timer high top Converse.

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As long as I remember who's wearing the trousers

As soon as I entered the leather pants into my wardrobe, I acquired a new taste for pants. These embroidered beauties were a no brainer. The color is season perfect and I absolutely adore the intricate details. The only thing is, I wish they were just a tiny bit longer, a length of just a few centimeters above the ankle would have been perfect. I already have in mind a ton of things to pair them with, but I wanted to try first a mix of prints. Luckily stripes really go with anything and I very much like the result. Hope you will too.
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Smashing pumpkins

Halloween is getting close, I bet most of you are quite excited already. It has only recently been imported and celebrated in my country, because let's face it, who doesn't like to put on a costume and become someone else for a night. Yet I only dressed up once for the occasion a couple of years ago (as Wednesday Addams) and decided it was not my thing. This is not by any chance a costume, but the black and orange made me think of pumpkins and Halloween. I really love the blown out houndstooth print and as you can see, my obsession with anything leather continues. I tried out this cute faux leather jacket courtesy of Nowistyle and it's a perfect match.

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No. 1 party anthem

I have been waiting quite for a long time for the perfect occasion to wear my tutu skirt out in public. It's quite tricky to pull this off as day wear, you cannot wear it to the office (I wish!), so the only options left are social events or evening wear. I put this ensemble together for a birthday party last weekend and of course I couldn't miss the chance of meeting up with my bloggerinas and snap some photos before the party. I really loved the movement of the top and skirt together. And for a purple overdose, my cardigan and shoes match my new purple highlights.

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Lay it on the line

One thing that makes me excited for fall is the fact that I get to wear my funky tights. This year I decided to get rid of most of my colored tights and set out to buy dark, printed ones instead. Vertical striped tights will elongate your legs, which is always a good thing.Wearing a very short dress won't hurt either. The tights were pretty loud by themselves but I decided to make this outfit even louder with a bright blue dress in a very basic cut. For some reason I really love this shade of blue for fall, though it's not your typical fall color.

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Somersaults and backflips

Fallen leaves colored so beautifully cover the pavement like an intricate rug the wind created. I remember writing this kind of things in my elementary school essays at the beginning of the school year in September. And it's not by chance that I took these pictures right next to my school back home. It was certainly a pleasant walk down memory lane. Here's a fun fact you might not know about me: I went to the same school as Nadia Comaneci and trained for my first 4 years there as a gymnast. It was one of the most demanding, difficult and very rewarding periods of my life and it has certainly helped me become who I am now.

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For my theme song, my leather black pants on

Looks like this season I'll literally be wearing H&M from head to toe. They have in store all the essential pieces I have been coveting: amazing faux leather pants, super comfy ankle boots and most importantly the purple bowler hat I've been dreaming of for so long. I actually picked up the hat on my business trip to Paris back in August, when the fall collection had just hit the stores. I have been waiting ever since then for the perfect fall day to wear it. unfortunately that day proved to be a very cold and rainy one, but I made the best out of it.

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Only you can turn poppies blue

I rarely wear pants, and when I do, it is most probably because I am running late and I have like 5 minutes to get dressed and get out the door. This particular morning I indeed had some time on my hands but I felt really uninspired. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to wear with this top. So I just gave up and decided to wear pants. And maybe it's a good thing to break the habit. In fact I was so inspired this weekend that I went out and bought a pair of faux leather pants. They will of course make an appearance on the blog later this week.

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Last weekend it was still pleasant enough for bare feet, which sadly will no longer be the case starting tomorrow. I dug out into my scarf collection for something to pair with this two tone dress and matching cardigan. I really should be wearing more headgear this fall, though heads are bound to turn when wearing something like this in public. Floppy hats are definitely on my wishlist.

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Lost my spark, no more glowing in the dark

With the sun peeking out from behind the clouds from time to time, I am still tempted to add splashes of color to my daily ensembles, despite my resolve to stick to darker shades this season. Neon is a left over the summer has left behind, purple will always be my favorite color and black the perfect canvas.

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She said I was a first time caller but a long time listener

Have a lovely weekend!
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We are loud like love

This fall debuted with the some pretty amazing music record releases, courtesy of some of my favorite bands. Nothing, of course, could beat my all time favorite Placebo and their new album Loud Like Love. It's been on repeat since Monday and I've been humming the tracks non stop. And speaking of debuts, it seems I made a habit of wearing this jumpsuit to mark the beginning of fall for the past couple of years. Letting summer, my favorite season, go is always tough so I might as well do it wearing something I really love. 

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I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust

Artcic Monkeys - I wanna be yours
The new Arctic Monkeys album inspired my current dark romantic mood, and this is the most wonderfully twisted love song ever.

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Fall whishlist

I thought I might break the outfit posting routine. I don't write down wish lists too often, but this time I decided to share my current one for fall. It's quite short, as I am trying to keep things simple and not get overly excited for unnecessary items. You will also notice that even if it's a wish list and anything  goes, I tried to be quite down to earth about this and not crave impossible things like say a Hermes bag. Here it goes!

 1. Plaid skirt - Asos

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Last days of summer

You might think I have become schizophrenic (and frankly I wouldn't blame you) talking about wanting to wear nothing but black this fall (here) and then posting two colorful outfits in a row. I still stick to what I said, but I am not ready for fall yet, it's still summer in my heart and I have a really hard time giving it up. Anyway, purple is my all time favorite color and I will wear it regardless the season. Whit that in mind, I am officially opening the hunt for the perfect purple plaid full skirt for fall. Suggestions are more than welcomed.

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Fly on the wings of a dragonfly

Dragonflies are not your average insects. These mysterious and ancient creatures have lived on earth for millions of years, far longer than humans. The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change in the perspective of self realization. Its scurrying flight across water represents an act of going beyond what’s on the surface and looking into the deeper implications and aspects of life. The dragonfly’s agile flight and its ability to move in all six directions exude a sense of power and poise - something that comes only with age and maturity. To the Japanese, it symbolizes summer and autumn and are admired and respected all over, so much so that the Samurai use it as a symbol of power, agility and best of all, Victory. In China, people associate the dragonfly with prosperity, harmony and as a good luck charm. Amongst Native Americans, it is a sign of happiness, speed and purity. Purity because the dragonfly eats from the wind itself.

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Right thoughts, right words, right action

I seem to be gravitating towards more classic shapes and basic colors lately. Stripes will always be a classic for me, especially in black and white. I found that red accents were the perfect compliment for my mod dress. It might just be the all black window display at H&M but I am craving more and more black pieces for fall. Not that I am ready for fall yet, I am still clinging to the last remnants of summer here.

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white lies

I bought this dress a couple of months ago because I needed something fancy for a business meeting. I usually tend to stay away from white, but this one looked so elegant I couldn't keep it out of my head. And I really love the idea of a white canvas which you can paint with splashes of color and jewelry.

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That's the long and that's the short of it

How gorgeous is my new maxi skirt from Mango? Right? I picked it up from their online outlet store and my heart skipped a bit when I first saw it. I rarely shop on line because I prefer buying from regular stores. I love the fussing around in the changing room, trying out different outfit combinations, being able to touch and feel the fabric and seeing the actual fit. But with this one I didn't even blink, I bought it on the spot. The fringe top is also a new addition, bought on my recent trip to France and I love it to pieces.

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Try walking in my shoes

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Age is just a number

Yeap, that's right. Today is my birthday. The big three o. 30!!! It's a bit scary to tell you the truth, but I have to keep reminding myself that age is just a number. Unfortunately I am traveling for work and I don't get to celebrate it at home with my loved ones. The good thing is at least my work sent me to Paris, so I can't complain about that.

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